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How much are tours to Egypt, Turkey, UAE


The tourism industry has been hit again this year. Not having had time to recover from the pandemic, the business was faced with the return of tours after February 24. Now companies feel better: even with increased prices and flight times, the high season has allowed almost all tours to be sold. But it is not known what awaits the Belarusian travel agencies in the fall. Director of Naturland Travel LLC Konstantin Matyushkin told Pro Business about the state of the industry.

Konstantin Matyushkin
Director of Naturland Travel LLC

— The tourism business is going through a difficult time, the number of destinations is limited: at the moment, direct charters fly only to Turkey, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Georgia. But if now the problems are not so tangible due to the high season, then in the fall we may face new difficulties.

At the beginning of spring, tourism was in limbo, the euro exchange rate jumped to 4 Belarusian rubles, there were ambiguities with the flight program to Turkey and Egypt. People massively refused booked tours (I think that now they regretted it). Already in May, rates stabilized, operators established chains of flights to popular countries, and the first travelers reported that the attitude towards Russian speakers at their favorite resorts had not changed at all. This whole situation has led to pent-up demand, and the increase in flight duration has affected prices.

This season, you can forget about the concept of “last minute”. The UAE and Georgia are almost all sold out before the end of August (despite the fact that it is not the best season for the UAE due to the heat of 50 degrees Celsius). Turkey starts from 750 euros, and Egypt from 800 dollars. It turns out that the minimum cost of a tour for a family of 2 adults + 1 child will be 2400 euros and these will be the simplest hotels. On average, prices increased by 30-40%. In some areas, even more.


Flight times have also increased significantly. If planes used to fly to Turkey in about 2 hours 40 minutes – 2 hours 50 minutes, now it is already 5 hours 20 minutes – 5 hours 30 minutes. Previously, planes flew to Egypt in the region of 4 hours, and now – 8-9 hours with a landing for refueling. It’s like flying to Thailand before.

However, I repeat that even this did not reduce demand. The season has come and each destination has found its tourist, because there are few alternatives and people understood that if they do not agree to such flights, then there are no options anyway.

For the first time in many years, any destination with departures on the next dates is one and a half, or even twice as expensive as later dates. It should also be noted that tours with departures from Moscow have also risen in price. A more budget option to get to the sea this year is train and bus tours to the Black Sea resorts of the Russian Federation. And for lovers of excursion programs, St. Petersburg became the leader of this year.

The prospects are still vague, but, most likely, the vector of outbound tourism will be rebuilt in an easterly direction. Guaranteed in the winter, you can count on the UAE and Egypt, but this is not enough. Perhaps Venezuela, Vietnam will appear on our market. These countries have airlines with long-haul aircraft. It would be great.


So far, the main risk for us remains the uncertainty in the work of tour operators. Because in the event of a cessation of work, all costs are borne by travel agencies. This, I think, is one of the main problems of our entire industry, because we continue to be responsible for 100 percent of the cost of the tour to customers, although we ourselves receive only a commission for it. For example, we had planned trips through the tour operator “Join Up!”. This is a Ukrainian company with a representative office in Belarus. He suspended the activity – and our several thousand dollars hung there. Naturally, you have to give all this to customers from your own funds. And you work like in a minefield, because if some other larger tour operator closes, then there simply will not be physically enough funds to pay customers. We are now in the tourism sector even making fun of each other a little: whoever works best of all, he suffers the most. Because at first you rejoice that you sold a lot, and then – once the operator closed. Just the other day, it became known that the tour operator Turtess Travel had suspended its activities.

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