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How new products are made from old car oil: a tour of innovative production from the Pro Business Club

​ Photo from the company’s archive ​

If you pour 1 liter of used car oil on the ground (the same one that you change in your car), it will destroy up to 1 thousand tons of groundwater. However, you can do it differently: collect the oil and process it. Give a second life to a complex chemical product, while saving the environment and making a serious, million-dollar production business on this.

On October 16, the Pro Business Club is organizing an industrial tour of the DVCh plant in the city of Krupki (Minsk region). We will go to an innovative Belarusian-Israeli enterprise that gives a second life to oil products: it collects used engine oil and other waste throughout the country, purifies it, and then produces new products. Implementation: large enterprises in Belarus and Russia (construction, oil refining and extraction of natural resources, etc.).

There are no analogues of the plant in Belarus: this is an innovative production, in which tens of millions of dollars have been invested, the latest technologies and solutions in this area have been launched.

Gathering of participants at 11:00departure by bus to 11:30.

AT 13-00 the tour starts. The plant consists of three workshops, its own railway line, a warehouse for finished products with underground tanks with a volume of 1000 tons, etc. Participants will get to know:

1. With the work of a laboratory that deals with:

  • Research, to develop new products
  • Testing of raw materials, finished products
  • Technical control: participation in sampling, checking the conformity of finished products

2. Then the plant managers will show the magic of production and the waste recycling process on unique equipment

3. After the tour, representatives of the plant will share their experience in organizing business processes in production and sales. They will tell interesting and useful cases about waste oil collection technologies and environmental protection.

Photo from the company's archive
Photo from the company’s archive

AT 15:00 – Lunch and Q&A.

Departure to Minsk about 16:00

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Pro Business Club meeting
Pro Business Club meeting

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