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How predictable are Filya & Co. (intrigues, scandals, investigations) :)

If someone thought that I was “touched” by a message in a personal message, then this is a delusion. Moreover, I knew about what Anastasia_ wrote:

It’s not a privilege. If the sender deletes a private message, the recipient’s Reply button disappears.

from my previous correspondence. But she needs to say a big thank you for enlightening other smartlab users.

I was worried about something else: the very likely emergence of another “spam” discussion under my topic about the results of January.

Why did I predict this? Because these “spam” discussions were already under my last three topics.

And if in the topic about Germany the appearance of “Fili and Co” could be expected, since he had already started similar discussions in topics with positive about Russia and negative about the West (but I did not expect – my comment), then in an apolitical topic about price models, its appearance came as a complete surprise to me. Then I realized that I “fell under the hood” and “spam” – the discussion in my next topic was not long in coming.

And I realized that I needed to manipulate the “lightning rod”, since in my next topic, “Filya” or his next clone would probably appear, which I first encountered here and again here.

I thought about this “lightning rod” in the morning and then, just in time, I saw a message in a personal message. And my topic about the “glitch” of Smartlab became a natural manipulation. The effect turned out to be 100%: the clone “Fili” -Stepan in the conditions of the ban “Fili” did not take long to wait. And knowing his manner of repeating the same thing under each answer, I provoked him and his “accomplice” Acf to continue the discussion. But the topic about the results of January remained “clean”, which was required to be proved.

Take note of who has faced or will face this “gangbang”.

Well, in conclusion, let me remind you the signs of nicknames from it:

1. In the blogs of all “numbers”, either copy-paste from September 2022 or later in a negative way for Russia, or emptiness.

2. Scheme of “spam” discussions:

– “number 1” writes an unsubstantiated comment “this was written by an ignorant horseradish from the mountain”,

– “number 2” is pulled up to the ensuing discussion with the comments “number 1 is right, and you (you) don’t understand anything from the mountain”,

– several nicknames that satisfy paragraph 1 begin to “plus” comments of “numbers”, including boorish ones, and are possibly marked with comments in support.

When I or someone else began to call it a “gangbang” or “khokhlobots”, a new “trick” appeared: minus the comments of such authors from the “group of comrades” that had been highlighted.

Unfortunately, before the appearance of this “gop company”, it will not be possible to identify the entire “group” and the emergency situation will not work.

And of course, “the country should know its heroes” (“patriots of Russia” © Aleks Mishin)

Banned indefinitely









John Doe (formerly Djon)

Temporary ban

Acf (formerly Ptrade)


Who is new


filpro (formerly fil23)



While not in the bath

Aleks Mishin

Note that my old “admirer” Butterfly Bone and his clones are not on this list. He and his clones are immediately eliminated according to paragraph 1, and they have not discussed with me in person for a long time.

In order not to be unfounded, the layout by nicknames and topics:


number 1

number 2




fil23 (now filpro)

Ptrade (now Acf), Fraer



Djon (now John Doe)

Igor, Max, grominus, tikitoki, Julik001




Acf, UrkaD, Who’s new

“Prices part 1”



Clif, Stepan

“Prices part 2”


Stepan, Acf (after getting out of the ban)




Aleks Mishin

Note. At the time of the publication of the “Prices Part 2” topic, all nicknames from the previous lines, except for filpro and Stepan, were banned, and immediately after the “glitch” was posted, filpro got banned, but the Acf ban ended.

“Stirlitz has never been so close to failure” 🙂

Comrade Major, take a report on the work done 🙂

But seriously, until today I have not deleted comments from my topics, but in relation to this “group”, this rule is henceforth canceled. The exception is this thread. Let them finally rage with their “one meander”.

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