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how the Moscow budget of more than 3 trillion rubles was adopted

– The Moscow budget for the 21st year has been adopted! Working on its content, I was faced with the most important task – all the adopted programs must be fully implemented. The projects planned within the framework of these programs are harmoniously linked into a single development concept that meets the requirements of cardinal improvements not only in New Moscow, but throughout the city. Moreover, during the discussions, we managed to convincingly persuade our colleagues in the Moscow government to increase spending in a number of areas, including the strategically important now – health care and the social sphere. For the second reading of the draft budget, we together made 205 amendments. The city will definitely be provided with everything necessary to be ready for any scenario, incl. the third wave of coronavirus, which will surprise no one. An additional 1.2 billion rubles in the budget for the provision of high-tech medical care not included in the compulsory medical insurance program, an increase of 5 billion rubles in the cost of capital repairs in polyclinics, an additional 5 billion rubles for solving the problems of defrauded equity holders, including in my TNAO, an increase by 1.2 billion rubles of spending on social benefits to those who lost their jobs are very significant funds for the next year. What is also important in our work with the adopted budget is that the vectors of the city policy for the development of the territories of New Moscow are preserved. And this is the metro to Troitsk, and the associated unified program for the construction and renovation of infrastructure, and the development of territories together with the MCD, as, for example, in Kokoshkino, where residents have high hopes and perceive this event as an impetus for the further development of the entire settlement … All projects that we defended will be implemented. I believe that such an optimistic budget has enough opportunities for our effective work to improve the life of the city and residents. Will be working! Here is my official comment. Backstage I will add: in the current situation – thank God that there is a budget. And, expressing gratitude to the mayor’s team, I was not cunning.

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