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How to automate the work of e-commerce with a transport company

There is no limit to perfection and … business automation. Ready-made solutions rarely cover all the needs of a particular company. And if someone is not ready to invest money and time in customization, then others decide not to stop halfway to improving efficiency. For example, the Pnevmoteh brand first combined accounting, trade, warehouse, payroll and other processes using 1C. But it was not possible to completely avoid routine human labor, which takes a lot of time. As a result, the company took up the revision of 1C on its own – and automated the work with the transport company. Alexander Matveichev, director of Pnevmotekhtsentr LLC, told how this happened and how much they managed to save after the implementation of the development.

Alexander Matveychev
Director of Pnevmotechcenter LLC

“When we first started the business, there was no talk of automation”

— Pnevmoteh manufactures and sells pneumatic tools in 7 countries around the world. We are an e-commerce project, so we try to automate and improve many processes. For example, in AmoCRM, we have set up an automatic funnel of 131 stages, where the manager does not manage the deal, but manages it by answering questions. Two-way synchronization of Amo with 1C and 1C with the site, payment acceptance automation, auto funnel for HR and recruiting, and much more have been set up.

When we first started the business, there was no talk of automation. But 6 years ago, we thought about buying a program for accounting: we studied the issue for a long time, compared prices. We settled on 1C MiSoft: we started working in it, uploading goods, but after two years we realized that it was not quite suitable for our processes: due to the unconfigured functionality, working in the program was extremely inconvenient. During this time, we spent about 5000 BYN on the program. As a result, we purchased 1C: Accounting from Human Systems for 7000 BYN.

Initially, we did not attract specialists who would fully configure everything for our business processes. We took the basic 1C program and started using it, introducing goods. It turned out that we have our own specifics and we need to redo everything for ourselves. Therefore, it is worth attracting third-party specialists who will put everything in order. Although it may seem costly, it will only play into your hands in the future.


Almost all processes in our company are geared not only to increase efficiency and profit, but also to develop the e-commerce market. Every month we send more than 200 orders to customers all over Belarus. Of the transport companies, we work with Avtolightexpress and Belpochta, with the first one most often.

Won a development grant

A little over a year ago, Visa, Alfa-Bank and the marketplace launched the Business Rise contest of entrepreneurial ideas for small businesses in Belarus. Our company took part in it – on the stage we proposed to integrate 1C and the transport company Avtolightexpress to simplify the processing of cargo shipments throughout the country. Having received the main prize – 10,000 BYN, we set to work on its development. In fact, at that moment we had only the idea itself. The preliminary cost of such a revision was 9300 BYN.

Spoiler: the full development of the module, including the stages of testing and launching, amounted to 14,600 BYN.

The whole process consisted of several stages. The first is the preparation of technical specifications and the search for developers. In the course of work, we asked Avtolightexpress for access to documentation on working with the API and received keys for work. The developers then completely installed the module.

We are ready to share this module for free with every reader. Using the invitation link, you can get into the telegram chat, where you will find the revision, video instructions for implementation and information on updates.

The frame is already there – you can start using the module right now. It can also be adjusted to suit your business processes, based on the specifics of the company.

How the new system works and what are the benefits

Our development is designed to place applications for cargo transportation in the online system “Avtolightexpress” using the family of configurations for operational accounting 1C “Trade Management”. When making an application to the transport company, the necessary data of the client is already filled in – information about the cargo goes to the shopping mall. After filling out an application in Autolightexpress, data for creating an application is transmitted from 1C via API to the shopping mall: we get a track number, shipping cost and all accompanying documents that are attached to the corresponding orders. In 1C, we can track the status of the cargo in real time: sent / arrived / received – thus notifying the buyer.

Screenshot courtesy of Pnevmoteh.

We ship about 7-15 orders a day. Previously, a manager with a logistician spent 30% of his working time on the website of a transport company, which is 2.6 hours a day, and this is 62 hours a month. Now this number has halved. One of the important points that we managed to solve is an increase in the accuracy of ordering. Almost all data is pulled automatically, rather than entered manually, which reduces the risk of errors in the name or address of the recipient.In our case, this is an investment in time, man-hours, quality of work. In monetary terms, with the current number of orders, this investment will pay off in 30 months. And if you have to place not 15, but 50 orders, we will be ready for this.

Perhaps, it may seem to someone that it is still too early to implement the revision, that the employees are already coping. By our own example, we can say that big changes in business begin with small steps, and in any case, this is moving forward.

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