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How to keep a positive outlook on business problems in a crisis

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“Changing one apocalyptic thought to a creative one is already a victory!” – says the founder and head of the company “Vivat Invest Prom” Maria Lazarevich. She has experienced more than one crisis with her team and offers, in spite of everything, to move forward. “Pro Business” learned from the entrepreneur why she is so confident in her position and how she is going to overcome new problems herself.

Maria Lazarevich
Founder and head of the company “Vivat Invest Prom”

“It is important not to be afraid to do things in a new way, no crisis is terrible with this approach”

— For 13 years of work, this is not the first crisis for my company. And each time we tried to re-evaluate our capabilities, to shake things up, to brainstorm. As a rule, there are ideas that you keep in mind, but because of current affairs, you put it off until later. And now the moment X comes – here internal resources are already turned on, which spur us to look for new solutions.

So it was with us with the direction of the manufacture of designer lamps. Some might call it a coincidence. But I know for sure that coincidences are not accidental, and thoughts are in the air and materialize when you think 24/7 about how to develop a business and realize untapped potential.

So, once a well-known restaurateur came to us with a non-standard request for lighting. For a long time he was looking for someone who could make plexiglass lamps in the form of falling icicles according to a design project for a new restaurant. We decided to take it on, developed drawings according to the designer’s sketches and made the request a reality.

Photo provided by the hero of the publication

And we liked the creative process of making an exclusive product. Moreover, our team has gained extensive experience working with various materials: plastic, plexiglass, composite materials, metal, and so on. And as a result, we began to offer services for the implementation of non-standard ideas in design to current and potential clients: mainly architects and design studios, design organizations. Our niche has found us.

Photo provided by the hero of the publication

Photo provided by the hero of the publication

As soon as we started lighting, we began to think about how it could be monetized and launched to the masses. Individual and non-standard solutions are great, but in our country, the customer is not always ready to pay worthy money for an exclusive.
In the next crisis, the idea arose to launch a series of Scandinavian-style lamps on the Wildberries and Ozon marketplaces, which made it possible, among other things, to expand the sales market to Russia. We did not stop at lamps – we began to expand the range. Now these are hanging partitions in the room with an interesting design, and interior paintings, and there are plans to start making baguette frames.

Photo provided by the hero of the publication

Photo provided by the hero of the publication

And we are not afraid to explore new directions. Requests come completely different from customers. For example, there was an order for decorative facade cladding with HPL panels for several restaurants. This was also successfully dealt with.

Flexibility has helped to survive in the pandemic. Our technologist-designer has developed options for convenient plastic protective screens, which hospitals, pharmacies, and banks actively ordered from us during the pandemic. It is important not to be afraid to do in a new way, no crisis is terrible with this approach.

“I accept the situation as it is: what happened, happened”

– In a crisis, I am strongly motivated by responsibility for myself, my business, the people who work with me. I accept the situation as it is: what happened, happened. Throwing in the soul and fear for the future will not bring me anything good, except for the destruction of myself. That’s why I try to keep my inner peace as much as possible.

And then you need to look around, communicate with as many people as possible, listen to yourself, catching what resonates. As a rule, there are a lot of ideas, you just don’t pay attention to them in the routine. Personally, during a crisis, I begin to act actively and I try to implement all the ideas that were put off, that are starting to come, as much as possible, without thinking about whether it will work or not. In such an active state, I just don’t have time to think “everything is lost.” And in any case, one of the ideas will definitely shoot.

I also try to maintain an emotionally positive spirit in the team. People are only afraid of uncertainty, so it is important to communicate with them more often so that they see you as the core of stability and security. In such an atmosphere, it is much better to work even in such difficult times as now.

Photo provided by the hero of the publication

I decided to spend the current crisis in the same way as the previous ones – creating something new. In my opinion, the most optimal now is industrial cooperation. We are considering options for combining or sharing rental space. I know that many are now reducing space and are looking for contractors for certain types of work. For example, our experience and knowledge of technologies and materials can be useful for organizations whose business chains are now changing dramatically.

It is very important today not to close, but on the contrary, to be as open as possible to new opportunities, communication and focus on the positive.

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