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How to organize employee location monitoring

Company A1 has updated its solution for determining the position of mobile workers. Enhanced Service “Coordinator 2.0” Available to both corporate clients and individuals.

“Coordinator 2.0” online displays the movement of couriers, drivers, merchandisers, sales representatives, sales managers and other professionals whose duties are related to movement between objects. In addition, the service can be used to coordinate their work: the personal account provides functionality for setting tasks and monitoring their implementation.

To use the Coordinator 2.0 service, there is no need to purchase expensive additional equipment. It is enough to have a smartphone with the A1 Coordinator mobile application installed. With its help, the data will be transferred to the client’s personal account.

In a personal account, working through the WEB-interface, the manager can:

  • in accordance with a given schedule, determine the location of their employees on the map with an accuracy of 10 m;
  • view the history of their movements;
  • add visiting checkpoints and set geofences;
  • assign tasks to employees;
  • receive documents on implementation and generate reports;
  • conduct a chat.

Depending on the goals and objectives, users of the “Coordinator 2.0” service can choose the optimal functionality. A1 offers three tariff plans to choose from: Basic Coordinator, Optimal Coordinator and Advanced Coordinator. The cost of the service starts from 0.5 rubles per day (including VAT).

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