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How to work with staff in a crisis – PROBUSINESS.IO


Many owners and managers lack crisis management skills. Those who did an excellent job during normal times make hasty and even inadequate decisions when a crisis occurs. This is especially true in the area of ​​work with personnel: it seems that the most successful way to reduce costs is through layoffs and layoffs. But this is an erroneous point of view. The founder of the consulting company Visotsky Consulting, management consultant Alexander Vysotsky shared his company’s experience and customer cases with Pro Business about how to emerge victorious even from a difficult situation, saving the business and the team.

Alexander Vysotsky
Founder of the consulting company Visotsky Consulting, management consultant

Don’t be idle

— The most destructive thing that a business owner can do in a crisis is to “wait until everything is over.” As an owner, I understand: I want to continue successful actions and not change anything. But you need to conduct a clear analysis and understand which approaches, relationships and business processes are not working right now. Don’t delay and cut spending as early as possible.

At the end of February, together with the company’s top management team, we made a list of all the projects that we had planned. There were also ideas for improving the company’s products, creating new ones, and so on. Our task was to analyze them, select the relevant ones, and discard the rest without regret. This helped to prioritize and understand how we can redistribute functionality among employees.

How to deal with staff

Although I do not think that layoffs and layoffs are the only way out, they are indispensable. At the same time, they need to be approached competently, having previously audited projects and tasks.

There were layoffs in my company – but these are the people whom we took “for growth”, for rapid development and for new projects. Or interns we didn’t even manage to get through onboarding. But since we acted quickly, we were able to pay off these employees in full. We suspended cooperation with some of them for a while (approximately 3-6 months) and after the improvement of the financial situation we plan to resume work.


In March, we started selling a new online product, but at the same time, the team (ROP, sellers and qualification managers) was not assembled from beginners. “Transferred” to the project employees of the Kyiv branch.

Switch to remote

There is an amazing opportunity to hire remote employees. If you work in a large city, you can save money by hiring people from the regions. The standard of living and the average salary are lower there, but at the same time there are talented people who do not leave for various reasons.

It is easy to hire a remote employee, plus you do not spend money on paying for an office and organizing a workplace. And it is not necessary to take it full-time – you can set a flexible schedule. If you have a small business, then you can hire a remote accountant for 10-15 hours a week. Pay him good money at an hourly rate – the employee will be satisfied, and you will save money at the same time.

Most executives do not work with remote employees simply because it is unusual. And many do not understand how to manage a person whom you do not see. But, if you own management tools, there will be no difficulties. It is better to pump in this area than to hire an employee in the office and not load it full time. At the same time, they bear the costs of organizing a workplace, salaries and taxes. Believe me, the employee himself suffers if most of the time he plays the fool or performs low-skilled assignments.

Manager’s responsibility

It is very difficult to support a team now, I can see it even in my employees. But we have a very strong management team. Our employees use social networks and participate in volunteer projects. In any case, there are many experiences, because what is happening affects a huge number of people. In such a situation, a person cannot be fully focused on work. Nobody understands what will happen next.

But your key job as a leader is to keep your team focused on the job. The main step for this is simple: you need to communicate with people. By the way, many large corporations make a huge mistake in this regard.


One of my friends works as a financial director in a large company. The main office is located in Ukraine. From February 24 to March 1, the management did not tell the employees anything. They did not enter into communication, did not create chat rooms and so on. Similar things happen in other countries: employees go crazy, constantly discussing events, and management is silent. It undermines people’s trust, so it’s important to communicate and express your point of view. And above all about business. People need stable data, and one source of this stability is work. Employees give her a lot of time, attention – she is important to them.

Reach out and claim

Increase discipline and exactingness. I often see that managers themselves are demoralized, frustrated and cease to have an impact on their employees. Yes, we are all human and we have different emotions. But leaders can’t afford it – we have responsibilities. You need to take the will into a fist and do what you have to. Strengthening the discipline of employees will help to strengthen the results.

Just realize that this is your job and you cannot delegate it to anyone. Daily coordination, planning, priorities – it’s all very important.

Imaginary savings

In moments of crisis, people are laid off, hoping to save money and then hire someone else. There is a study according to which the cost of firing an employee, hiring and inducting a replacement is equal to six months’ wages. It turns out that such a dismissal does not make sense at all: even if we are talking about ordinary employees or service personnel.

I am not a supporter of cost cutting through layoffs. I am in favor of gradually increasing the number of remote employees, gradually increasing the number of their working hours and monetary rewards in connection with the expansion of the company.

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