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Huobi Mining Pool May Start Mining Chia

Mining Pool Huobi plans to launch Chia mining. This was announced by journalist Colin Wu.

On May 14, the exchange listed the coin and opened accepting deposits.

Chia developer Bram Cohen reported that some unofficial pools have complained about an alleged problem with fake space proofs. This, he said, is due to partial data validation and the constant connection of new miners.

“Some drops in the amount of available disk space on the network appear to have triggered pools that shut down the users who were tricking them,” he wrote.

Cohen urged users to wait for the official launch of their own network protocol for mining the coin.

Over the past 30 days, Chia’s value has dropped 47.8% and stands at $ 541 at the time of writing. The amount of disk space occupied by the coin has reached 24.6 scabytes.

So far, cryptocurrency miners are being united in pools outside the control of the Chia Network. The main one is considered to be the Chinese Hpool with a cumulative hashrate of 11.1 exabytes. The address belonging to the pool contains more than 33% of the total number of mined coins.

Earlier, Bram Cohen urged miners to abandon unofficial pools. The project launched its own Poolchia protocol on May 30, pre-registration is open. It will support trustworthy low-fee pools that users can switch between.

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