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I don’t understand anything (c) The investigation was carried out by koloboks

For days now I have been hearing about Russia’s impending “attack” on Ukraine with a reference to a strike force of 100,000 people on Russian territory. This is what the American “democratic” (in this case, we are talking about supporting the party and therefore in quotation marks) media are shouting, and yesterday the British Foreign Secretary said at a press conference with Lavrov (I personally heard it on Russia-24).

But probably I have a bad knowledge of some secret modern military strategies. After all, from each of the same “iron” they shout about the “modern Ukrainian army” of 240 thousand people. I don’t know how it looks in modern secret military strategies, but hitting 100,000 even against 100,000 well-entrenched in defense in World War II was “suicide” for the attackers, even with overwhelming air superiority. And here 100 thousand attackers against 240 thousand defenders, not counting the “Volkssturm”. And about 240 thousand, everyone is talking about “modernity”. Whatever one may say, but something does not converge.

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