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IGO launchpad, bots and lending: trading tools on KuCoin

In February, some platforms introduced restrictions for Russian users.

Crypto exchange KuCoin said in April that it would not block customers without the requirements of local regulators. We tell you what trading instruments are available to its users.

Platform tools in 2022

KuCoin is a spot, margin and P2P cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in the Seychelles.

The site has been operating since 2017. It currently supports over 700 crypto assets and serves 18 million users in 200 countries and regions.

KuCoin offers users:

  • investment platform KuCoin Earn;
  • IGO launchpad;
  • trading with bots;
  • margin trading;
  • futures trading;
  • crypto lending.

We’ll take a closer look at each of these tools below.


KuCoin Earn is a platform for generating passive income using crypto financial products:

  • deposits with a fixed and floating rate with a yield of up to 20% per annum;
  • staking Ethereum 2.0 and other crypto assets. Profitability – up to 10% per annum;
  • parachain auctions Polkadot;
  • BurningDrop – users can get tokens of new blockchain projects by blocking a certain number of cryptocurrencies in staking.

How to invest in KuCoin Earn products:

  • go to the KuCoin website, hover over the menu Earn and in the dropdown click tab KuCoin Earn;
  • select the desired product (deposit, staking or promotions) and click the button Subscribe;
  • transfer assets for staking or wallet in the menu Transfer and press the button Confirm.

IGO launchpad

KuCoin IGO is a platform for conducting initial game token offers (Initial Game Offering, IGO). IGO members buy in-game tokens, and the project team receives money for development.

In addition, investors can access in-game items such as skins, accessories, or weapons in the form of NFTs.

KuCoin supports three IGO options:

  • sale of tokens at a fixed price;
  • holding an auction;
  • in the form of mystery boxes – virtual boxes that contain a random NFT.
X-Rush Mystery Box Sale on KuCoin.

To participate in IGO:

  • go to the KuCoin website, hover over the menu NFTs and in the dropdown click tab Games/IGO;
  • select the project hosted by IGO and click the button buy to buy tokens.

Trading bot

Trading Bot buys and sells cryptocurrencies according to a given algorithm. The user specifies the list of assets for trading, as well as the conditions for entering and exiting the transaction.

KuCoin bots support the following trading strategies:

  • trading with a grid of orders on the spot market (Spot Grid or Infinity Grid);
  • trading with a grid of orders on the futures market (Futures Grid);
  • cost averaging (Dollar cost averaging, DCA);
  • smart rebalancing.

Read more in the overview of KuCoin trading bots.

Margin trading

Margin trading allows traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with borrowed funds, that is, to increase the volume of transactions with the same capital. For example, a trader with 100 USDT on deposit can borrow up to 900 USDT and buy bitcoin with it.

Features of margin trading are exotic trading pairs like LTC/ETH, as well as weekly interest payments for using borrowed funds.

Benefits of margin trading on KuCoin:

  • leverage up to 10x;
  • support for over 160 crypto assets and 190 trading pairs;
  • the presence of cross and isolated margin.

In the cross margin (or cross margin) mode, all funds in the user’s margin account act as collateral. In isolated margin mode, funds are independent for each position.

The first type of margin is preferred by advanced traders due to the possibility of more free use of capital in the account. Isolated Margin limits risk to the allocated amount, so it is best suited for beginners in margin trading.

To open a margin account on KuCoin:

  • go to the KuCoin website, hover over the menu Trade and in the dropdown click the button Margin trading;
  • select Cross Margin or isolated marginand then click the button Turn on;
  • click Translateto add funds to a cross margin account or a separate isolated margin account.


KuCoin Futures is a platform for trading cryptocurrency futures contracts. Users open positions to buy long (Long) or sell short (Short) futures contracts with leverage up to 100x.

KuCoin Futures supports 100 perpetual and quarterly collateralized contracts in the stablecoin Tether (USDT) or Bitcoin.

To open an account with KuCoin Futures:

  • go to the KuCoin website, in the menu Derivatives select item Futures Classicto access all platform tools, or to the tab Futures Liteto work in a simplified interface;
  • press the button Enable futures tradingread the terms of use of the platform and click the button I have read and agree;
  • hover over the wallet icon in the top right corner of the page, then click Futures;
  • click Deposit and transfer Tether or bitcoin from the wallet to the futures account;
  • if you already have funds on KuCoin, click Translate and transfer Tether or Bitcoin to your KuCoin futures account.


KuCoin Lending is a P2P lending platform where users lend funds to margin traders and earn passive income.

The profitability of issuing loans on KuCoin Lending depends on the situation in the cryptocurrency market and can reach 40% per annum. When there are strong fluctuations in the market, users are more likely to increase their positions through margin trading, which increases the demand for crypto loans and the interest rate.

KuCoin Lending interface. When issuing a loan, the user chooses the daily rate and repayment period: 7, 14 or 28 days.

To lend crypto assets on KuCoin Lending:

  • go to the KuCoin website, hover over the menu Earn and in the dropdown click tab Crypto lending;
  • select cryptocurrency in the left side menu coin. In the menu in the middle, select the amount and lending rate. All open orders in the credit market are displayed on the right;
  • select the type of loan: normal (Normal Lend) or automatic (Auto Lend).

When choosing a regular loan, you yourself specify the daily interest rate: from 0% to 2%.

With Auto Lend, the platform releases funds automatically when a user-specified minimum bet is reached. After their return, KuCoin issues a loan again.


KuCoin provides users with access to more than 700 crypto assets, passive income tools and investment platforms. At the same time, KuCoin does not require KYC if you do not withdraw more than 1 BTC per day.

The exchange is included in the TOP-5 spot exchanges CoinMarketCap and is suitable for both beginners and professional traders and crypto-investors.

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