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International system of payments and transfers – scam


The international system of payments and transfers informs that a money transfer in the amount of 148,315 rubles has been received in your name and your IP address. According to the Decree governing payments to individuals No. 3925 dated 05.01. 2018 you

International system of payments and transfers, abbreviated MSPP, Is a primitive scam in the style of “unpaid payments”. Fraudsters assure that you owe money out of some fright. The crooks are ready to pay, but there are nuances. What kind? Let’s see.

E-mail addresses of the project

Attention! scammers very often change the addresses of their scams. Therefore, the name, site address or email may be different! If you did not find the address you need in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please Contact us or write about it in the comments!

Information about the project

If you look at the site of rogues, you can immediately see the following message:

Fake message


Dear citizen …. To your IP -Fixed and pending request for the transfer of funds

IP addresses cannot be registered and some applications are pending. That’s bullshit. For most citizens have dynamic IP. That is, periodically changing.

In addition, it is not clear where the translation came from and what its purpose is. Fraudsters write only in general terms:

The international system of payments and transfers informs that in your name and your IP address – Our system received a money transfer in the amount 148,315 rubles.

By the way, my name is not listed. But who cares? What else have the crooks invented?

According to the Ordinance governing payments to individuals No. 3925 dated 05.01. Oct 2018 You need to complete the receipt of the transfer within 48 hours from the receipt of this notification.

Please go through identity verification in order for us to transfer the amount of 148,315 rubles to you. (One hundred forty eight thousand three hundred and fifteen rubles)

Resolutions No. 3925 dated 05.01. Of 2018 does not exist in nature. And the request to undergo an identity check raises only doubts. The scammers, realizing that their potential victims might be distrustful, posted fake reviews. It is written in the comments that MSPP returns transfers that failed for some reason. The comments are ridiculous.

Linden reviews

For example:

I saw your international system on the news and remembered that recently on some of the sites I entered my details incorrectly and the money did not come, but today I received a notification that there is a transfer in my name 113 467 rubles, the one, thank you, they took everything out quickly, well done!

If I hadn’t been paid 113 467 rubles “On some website”, I would definitely remember its name and would have already turned to the police. Definitely, the reviews are fake.

Nevertheless, I decided to go through an identity check. Then the crooks tried to define my IP and my country. But for some reason they did not indicate this data. For all this is imitation of work, not work.

As a result, I was assigned some kind of username and password. They are also not real credentials. The entrance to your personal account is the same imitation.

Imitation of work

On the next page, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire. I didn’t write my first and last name, I just typed in random letters. The bank card number also consisted of letters.

Fake profile

Rolled. On the next page, the scammers wrote that such an account is in their registry. Ha ha ha!

Fake registry

On the next page I was asked to indicate the card number again. And then they offered to pay for the receipt. What for? The official answer is:

Fake commission

Before sending you funds in the amount of 148,315 rubles, we ask you to pay the commission of the Receipt in the amount of 0.25% + 50 rubles of the transfer amount, which is 279 rubles, after payment of the Receipt, a money order will be sent to you.

What is the Commission Receipts – the mystery of the century.

It was offered to pay through a phishing service for accepting payments… In your case, there may be another payment aggregator, but fraudulent in any case.

Phishing site

Project contacts

8 800 322 46 89deception

General License of the International Association No. EVR-34568917 dated 12.08.2014Linden

Russia Moscow st. Petropavlovskaya 54/3fake

Site data:

  • Domain was registered on October 10, 2020
  • Owner’s name is hidden

Exposing the project

That MSPP – a scam, indicates a lot. At first, the home page of the site is not on the home page:


If you look at the main page, we will see that there is a stub from the hosting.

Secondly, the scammers have posted a disclaimer.

Denial of responsibility

To quote the beginning:

All statements and examples on the site about increasing, generating income or profits, already posted or which will be posted on the resource (hereinafter Sites) – just assumptions about upcoming or current earnings, income, therefore, are not a guarantee of their receipt.

There are many points in the document. All of them say that you may not get money.

Thirdly, all contact details are empty.

What is the essence of a divorce for money? In payment of the commission. You will translate to charlatans 279 rublesbut your You will not receive a payment of 148,315 rubles.

Moreover, crooks may ask you to pay for other fake services. For example, for checking the data. This means that costs will increase.

The payment acceptance service used by villains is also fraught with danger. By making a payment through it, you provide fraudsters with access to your personal data. Scammers can subscribe to you and slowly write off all the money from your account.

Potential losses on the project

  • Receipt – 279 rubles

Total: calculation of possible losses on the project – from 279 rubles and above.

Conclusion about the project

International system of payments and transfers – a fake organization… And since the MSPP does not exist, then they cannot send you the transfer. The money that you supposedly spend on the commission will actually end up in the pockets of crooks. Plus, you risk all the money in your account as charlatans use phishing sites.

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