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Invested $ 13 thousand brought the trader $ 150 thousand for one deal

An unknown trader earned $ 150 thousand in cryptocurrency in one operation, having invested only $ 13 thousand.It happened yesterday, January 19, on the DeFi platform immediately after its launch, writes RBC Crypto.

The new service offers the possibility of exchange between synthetic bitcoins – derivatives, the rate of which is tied to the BTC rate. added the ability to exchange between tBTC, wBTC, sBTC and renBTC tokens. But immediately after the launch of the mechanism, there may have been a failure that affected the synthetic bitcoin rates on the platform. In relation to each other, they should cost as one to one, but the trader for some unknown reason was able to buy 4,362 wBTC for 0,343 sBTC.


Thus, the user exchanged $ 13 thousand for $ 163 thousand, increasing his capital by 1150% in one operation. This transaction was recorded by the observer of the blockchain, the DEFI Scam Check Telegram channel was the first to report it.

At the end of December, DeFi project Grap.Finance attacked another DeFi project, Cover. Hackers exploited a platform vulnerability and issued 40 quintillion COVER tokens. This led to a drop in the coin rate to $ 0.

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