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On Monday, January 18, weak multidirectional dynamics was observed in the financial markets. Brent crude oil continued to decline, but kept positions within the range of $ 50-55, which indicates a short-term correction movement. Gold quotes rose slightly, and at the end of Monday trading were at $ 1,835 per troy ounce. The sluggish uncertain dynamics in the commodity markets is likely to last until January 20-21. After the inauguration of Joe Biden, investors will move to more decisive action. In the foreign exchange market, the US dollar continued to grow weak against major assets. The Russian ruble could not resist the general trend and also lost in value against the American currency. By the end of the trading day, the RF currency was holding at 73.96 (+ 0.45%) against the US dollar and 89.30 (+ 0.43%) against the euro. Nevertheless, we note that while the ruble is in the zone of strengthening and is more inclined to grow against its main competitors. There was a lull on cryptocurrency exchanges. The bitcoin rate fell by 0.25% and consolidated at $ 35,698, while Ethereum lost about 1% and was held at $ 1,219. Digital assets, like fiat, await the inauguration of Joe Biden, after which, most likely, the upward movement will resume. However, the current Bitcoin marks indicate investor indecision and leave a 30% chance of a continuation of the correction to the value of $ 25,000. _____________ Yuri Mazur, Head of Data Analysis, CEX.IO Broker

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