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IPFS Support Added to Brave Crypto Browser

The developers of the privacy-oriented browser Brave have integrated support for the IPFS (“Interplanetary File System”) protocol.

With the integration available in the new version 1.19, Brave users will be able to access content directly from IPFS. To do this, they need to install a full protocol node, or allow the use of addresses like ipfs: // through a gateway.

The protocol will open access to blocked web pages, speed up their loading and reduce hosting costs.

“Today in Thailand access to some parts of Wikipedia is blocked. More than 100,000 websites are banned in Turkey. China does not have access to important information about COVID-19. Now any Brave user through IPFS will be able to overcome these limitations, ”said project manager Molly McEnlay.

According to CTO and cryptobrowser co-founder Brian Bondi, Brave was the first to offer native protocol integration.

“IPFS provided users with a solution to the problem of centralized servers creating a central point of denial for access to content,” he explained.

IPFS is a protocol by which peers store and distribute data in a single distributed file system with the binding of data addresses not to the server, but to a unique cryptographic hash identifier.

In April, IFPS developers introduced version 0.5, which improved the process of finding content on the web.

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