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It is difficult to predict the impact of the CBDC launch yet

It is difficult to predict the possible consequences of the introduction of digital currencies by central banks (CBDC). So says the co-founder of Horizen Labs Dean Steinbeck. He stated that Bitcoin is likely to maintain its dominant position in the cryptosphere even after the emergence of regulated tokens. However, some countries may try to hit BTC in order to expand the share of national cryptocurrencies. Steinbeck recalled that a surge in interest in CBDC was observed last year. China has achieved the greatest success in this direction. The co-founder of Horizen Labs emphasized: It is difficult to say how the growing interest in CBDC will affect Bitcoin or the cryptosphere in general. Bitcoin is always used by those who want to be outside government control. So, in my opinion, little will change for those who are attracted to Bitcoin in principle. The large-scale introduction of central bank tokens will lead to a significant increase in the number of people in the world who have an understanding of the cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin will only benefit from this, since even more Internet users will also learn about its existence, Steinbeck concluded.

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