Last Kiss Trading: What Forex Traders Should Know

Last Kiss Trading: What Forex Traders Should Know

Last Kiss Trading: What Forex Traders Should Know

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What ⁣is‌ Last Kiss Trading?

Last Kiss trading is​ a Forex trading strategy that stems from the Naked Trading Methodology. The idea behind ⁤Last Kiss trading is to measure buying ⁢and selling pressure ⁣to⁤ make⁢ informed trades in the Forex market.⁤ It is⁤ a complex strategy that takes time to understand and master, but it has proven ‌to be a successful Forex trading approach.

The Last Kiss strategy is based on⁣ the analysis of ⁤ short-term⁣ price movements ⁣and is tailored towards technical traders. The strategy‌ is ‌heavily reliant‍ on ‍trend analysis and momentum-based ​trades,​ and using⁤ the Last Kiss method can‍ help Forex traders generate greater returns with fewer ⁢risks.

How ⁣to Master the Last Kiss Trading Strategy?

The main steps ⁣involved in the‌ Last Kiss trading ‌strategy ⁢are: ⁤

1. Identify the direction of the trend. It ⁤is not enough to ⁣simply ⁤wait ‍for confirmation‍ of a trend, as trends can reverse ‌swiftly. Therefore,⁢ it is important to identify the current direction of​ the trend before you take any action.

2. Gauge the ⁢strength of the trend. It is‌ very important ‍to ​check whether the current trend is ​strong or weak. ​It is dangerous to enter a ‌trade in a weak trend, as it​ can reverse ‌quickly and cause you losses.

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3. Analyze buying and selling‌ pressure. It is ⁣important‍ to⁣ check if the existing ​pressures ‍are in-synch ‌with⁢ the current trend. Look out for divergences between the trends and ‍buying/selling pressures, as this may indicate a ‌potential reversal.

4. Set your‌ take profit and stop loss limits. ⁤Before entering a ‌trade, decide on ‌your risk limits and ensure ‍that ‍they are⁤ adhered‍ to. This ‍will‍ help minimize potential losses.

5. Utilize momentum-based indicators. Check signals from momentum-based indicators such as RSI, ‌MACD, and CCI to ⁢help identify⁢ trends​ and‍ measure the⁤ strength of ‍the​ trends.


Last Kiss trading is a great‍ Forex trading strategy for experienced traders looking to maximize their profits⁤ in the market. It​ requires understanding⁢ of technical ⁣analysis ⁢and extensive use​ of indicators, and is⁤ best suited for experienced ​traders. By following the steps outlined in this article, traders can easily and‍ effectively incorporate the Last ⁣Kiss ⁤strategy into their Forex⁢ trading techniques.

What ⁤is ​Last ‍Kiss Trading Forex?⁤

Last ⁢Kiss​ Trading Forex ‌is ‍a trading strategy for⁢ the foreign currency exchange⁢ (forex) market.​ It‌ follows the principle⁢ of the KISS method – Keep it Simple, Stupid – and stresses the importance of being⁢ able ‌to interpret the ‍chart and identify a⁣ consolidation zone. Unlike other trading strategies, Last ⁢Kiss​ Trading Forex is largely based on the concept of ⁢trend⁤ identification. That‍ is, the strategy⁣ involves focusing on ‍market‌ trends and using them to predict when a currency pair ‌will⁤ make a​ reversal.

‍ The Benefits of Last ⁤Kiss Trading⁤ Forex

Using Last Kiss Trading⁣ Forex‍ can offer​ significant advantages to​ forex‌ traders. Firstly, ⁣the strategy allows‌ traders to identify and‌ understand the⁢ market⁣ trends‌ with⁤ relative‍ accuracy‌ and ⁢confidence.​ This ‍helps ⁣them to ⁤mitigate risk and make ⁤well-informed decisions​ on when to sell and‌ buy currency pairs. Secondly, ⁣since the strategy does not involve⁤ the use of complex technology, ⁤or the application‍ of‌ indicators or algorithms, it’s ⁣easier for rookie‌ traders to understand and⁣ execute. Last Kiss⁢ Trading​ Forex can thus be particularly beneficial for those who‍ are new‌ to ​the ‌forex ‍market.‍

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Strategies of Last Kiss ‌Trading Forex‌

The Last Kiss ⁤Trading Forex strategy involves mapping⁢ out the ⁤market moves and isolating ‌the point‌ at which a ⁣trend ‌is about to reverse. This process begins with‌ drawing out the consolidation zone, or the box,‌ which is typically done on ⁣the chart. Once the box has been marked out, the trader looks for confirmation of a reversal, or a ‌last⁤ kiss of the ⁢level. ⁤The reversal is confirmed when the price falls ⁢behind one of​ the⁢ support or resistance⁢ levels​ and a candle closes⁤ outside of the box. When the reversal is accepted, the position for‍ the trade is determined. The trader then needs to plan ⁤the exit ‌point (or take profit ⁢target) and wait for the market to move‌ in ⁤their favor.

Last ‌Kiss Trading Forex is a simple⁤ yet ⁢effective strategy that many traders ⁢rely on​ to identify⁤ and⁣ harness profitable trend reversals. By understanding the concept of trend identification and identifying the consolidation zones, traders‍ can‍ increase ⁢their chances of‌ profiting​ from the foreign exchange ​market.‍ To maximize the success of ‍their trading efforts, ​traders should also observe the relevant support and ⁣resistance levels when determining their entry and exit ⁤points.⁤ With⁤ the right knowledge‌ and experience, ⁢anyone can easily profit ‌from Last Kiss Trading Forex.