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Ledger launches NFT marketplace and Web3 services platform for corporations

The manufacturer of hardware crypto wallets Ledger announced the launch of an NFT marketplace and Web3 services platforms focused on corporations.

Representatives of the company disclosed information during the Ledger Op3n conference as part of the NFT.NYC event dedicated to non-fungible tokens.

Called the Ledger Market, the marketplace prioritizes security and transparency. According to Pascal Gauthier, CEO of the firm, the solution will eliminate the problems that have arisen in the wake of innovation, protecting traders from fraud.

At the first stage, Deadphellaz and Brick/Babylon NFT collections will be listed on the Ledger Market. The marketplace partner will be watch manufacturer Tag Heuer, part of the LVMH concern.

Ledger also launched Ledger Enterprise Create, a platform that will allow companies to scale their Web3 projects and securely move into the non-fungible token space.

“We will support creators and brands throughout their NFT journey by providing security from token issuance to distribution,” Gauthier explained.

During Ledger Op3n, the firm also announced the launch of Ledger Quest, a Web3 game with NFT rewards, as well as Ledger Academy, an educational platform to increase users’ knowledge of blockchain technologies and security issues.

Recall that in April 2022, the company introduced a new device – Nano S Plus, aimed at NFT collectors and DeFi users.

Ledger has previously partnered with The Sandbox to improve the cryptocurrency literacy of its users.

In June, the company partnered with Cathay Innovation to launch a €100 million fund to invest in Web 3.0 startups.

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