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Luck | Interview

Luck | Interview

If you suffer for a long time, something will work out

No need to suffer, it still won’t work

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What do you say, Arkad? Since you are the richest man in Babylon, many proclaim you to be the most
lucky person. Will you agree with me that no man can fully achieve success until he has completely rid himself of the spirit of procrastination in himself?
“Yes, it’s exactly as you say,” agreed Arkad.
– All my long life I have been watching how one generation after another goes forward along those roads of trade, science, education, which
lead to success in life. Happy opportunities happen to all people. Only some people grab onto them and use them, gradually moving towards the satisfaction of their deepest desires, and most people continue to doubt, hesitate, act indecisively, and ultimately fall behind.
Arkad turned to the weaver:
“You suggested we talk about luck. We want to hear what you think about this now.
“I saw luck in a different light. I used to think of meeting with luck as the most desirable thing that can happen to a person without any effort on his part. Now I must admit that such events do not belong to the type of events or cases where a person can somehow influence them and attract good luck to himself. As a result of our discussion, I realized that in order to attract good luck, it is necessary to use the opportunities presented. Therefore, in the future, I must try to make the best use of the opportunities that will open before me.
“You have well assimilated the truths that we set forth in our discussion,” Arkad remarked.
“The luck we seek often follows opportunity, but very rarely does it come the other way.
Our friend the trader would gain great fortune if he took advantage of the opportunity given to him by the good goddess. Our friend the cattle-buyer might already enjoy his fortune if he were to go through with his purchase of the herd and then sell it at a considerable profit.
In the course of our discussion, we tried to identify the means by which we could lure good fortune to ourselves. I think that
we have found one such remedy. Both stories showed that luck follows opportunity. Therein lies a truth that cannot be
sway any such stories of luck both well-timed and lost. The truth is: good luck can be
lure if you take the opportunity.
Those who eagerly use every opportunity for self-improvement attract the interest of the good goddess. She always strives to help those she likes. She likes energetic active people the most.
Action should lead you forward to the desired success. Active people enjoy the favorable patronage of the Goddess of Fortune.

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