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Mark Cuban saw great potential at NFT

Billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team Mark Cuban invests an unknown amount in a service to create and sell Mintable NFT tokens, writes RBC Crypto. The corresponding message appeared on the platform’s Twitter page.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Cuban expressed confidence that the popularity of non-fungible token technology will grow several times in the near future. In his opinion, the rise in popularity of NFT tokens can be compared to the early days of the Internet. The billionaire also claims that he would focus on NFT, smart contracts and blockchain if he was starting a business now.

NFT tokens are unique and not divisible. In other words, the token can be presented in a single copy and cannot be replaced without the consent of the owner. Such tokens are used to confirm ownership of an object.

Cuban became a billionaire in 1999, selling for $ 5.7 billion to Yahoo. His Dallas Mavericks basketball club was the first in the NBA to sell tickets to matches for Dogecoin. Cuban explained that adding the ability to buy basketball tickets for Dogecoin is fun, increases engagement, and can create great PR.

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