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Meitu invested another $ 10 million in bitcoin

Photo processing software developer Meitu, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, has acquired approximately 175 BTC worth $ 10 million, according to the firm’s documents.

On March 5, Meitu announced that it had bought 15,000 ETH and 379.12 BTC on the open market for $ 22.1 million and $ 17.9 million, respectively.

On March 17, a subsidiary of Miracle Vision acquired 16,000 ETH and 386.08 BTC for approximately $ 28.4 million and $ 21.6 million. To convert cash reserves into cryptocurrencies, the firm used the services of the brokerage division of Coinbase.

According to journalist Colin Wu, the last deal also involved an American company.

The total investment of the developer in the two largest digital assets in terms of capitalization reached $ 100 million.

On April 5, analytics software provider MicroStrategy acquired about 253 BTC for $ 15 million. In total, the company owns 91,579 BTC worth $ 2.22 billion.

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