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Moody’s said what will happen to deposits and loans in 2021

MOSCOW, 4 Jan – PRIME. In Russia in 2021 there will be no major changes in lending and deposit rates, however, the growth rate of mortgage loans will decrease. According to Olga Ulyanova, vice-president of the international rating agency Moody’s, by the middle of the year the Central Bank will roll back all concessions provided to banks in connection with the crisis. It is reported by URA.RU with reference to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. It has become more difficult for Russians to obtain loans “By mid-2021, the regulator is likely to curtail all the concessions provided to banks in connection with the crisis. And by the end of the year, as restructured loans and gaining greater clarity regarding the real state of the banking system, the Central Bank may again begin to “tighten” the screws in terms of requirements for the quality of borrowers, “Ulyanova predicts. The expert noted that mortgage lending, where the subsidy program has been extended to the middle In 2021, the growth rate for loan issuance will decrease from 20% in 2020 to 15% in the coming 2021. “The creditworthiness of the incoming flow of borrowers is steadily declining, while real estate prices have increased,” Ulyanova emphasizes. that Russians should not expect a cut in interest rates on loans. However, rates on deposits may change and become more attractive. “[Это] is explained by the fact that the loan portfolio of banks will continue to grow faster than the portfolio of deposits, and banks may need to stimulate depositors, if not increase their savings, then at least not actively withdraw them to alternative channels, such as investments in financial markets and the real estate market “, – says the vice president of an international rating agency. The forecast also indicates that there will be no defaults by large banks in Russia, but small credit organizations will leave the market, including by the decision of the regulator. the inability of banks to maintain profitable business models against the backdrop of a difficult macroeconomic situation; and fierce competition from large players.

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