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More than 100 million people use cryptocurrencies

In January 2021, the number of cryptocurrency users reached 106 million, according to a report from the cryptocurrency payment platform

Analysts studied data from 24 bitcoin exchanges. During January, new users increased by 15.7%, while in the previous three months the growth rate was 0.8-1.3%. According to the researchers, the positive dynamics could have contributed to the rise of the first cryptocurrency to new historical highs.

Among the additional drivers, analysts mentioned the DeFi summer, the addition of PayPal to the ability to buy and sell bitcoin, as well as the relaxation of restrictions on the use of cryptocurrencies.

If in August the market fueled the excitement around decentralized finance protocols, then in January the growth provoked growing interest from institutions, analysts said. They cited the activity of the MicroStrategy company as an example. estimates that 71 million users owned Bitcoin in January and 14 million users owned Ethereum. During this period, the audience grew by 30.2% and 13.1%, respectively.

Bitcoin and Ethereum user dynamics. Data:

The researchers pointed out the limitations of the methodology, which is based on the on-chain data of Bitcoin and Ethereum. In particular, the sample may incorrectly take into account those users who work through OTC services.

In September, the University of Cambridge calculated that the number of cryptocurrency users almost tripled in two years, from 35 million to 101 million.

In February, the Bitcoin payment service Bottlepay raised £ 11 million. The application allows for micro-payments in bitcoins in real time “for a penny” and may become one of the drivers of audience growth.

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