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Moscow court arrested assets of 19 ex-managers of Investbank

MOSCOW, 2 Jan – PRIME. The Moscow Arbitration Court, at the request of the DIA, seized the property of 19 former executives of Investbank, which went bankrupt in 2014, who had previously been brought to subsidiary liability for its unfulfilled obligations, estimated at about 40 billion rubles. One of the founders of Petropavlovsk was arrested in the embezzlement case. of the published definition, the court seized “property, whatever it may be and wherever it is, including money (including money that will be deposited in accounts in the future).” The judicial act also lists the specific property of some of the defendants that was arrested. Thus, four land plots in the Kaliningrad region were arrested from the head of the supervisory board, Yuri Matveyev, from members of the supervisory board: Vladimir Gezin – an apartment and half an apartment in Moscow, Natalia Ivanova – an apartment and a garage in Moscow, Igor Dubov – an apartment in the Moscow region, Lev Novikov – a Moscow apartment and half a building in the Kostroma region, Maxim Shcherbakov – an apartment in Moscow, a member of the board Olga Borgardt – an apartment in Zelenograd, a third of an apartment in Moscow and a land plot with a garden house in the Solnechnogorsk district. The Arbitration Court of Moscow in July 2019 recognized Investbank liable for debts 19 ex-bankers – his beneficiary Sergei Mastyugin, head of the Supervisory Board Matveyev, 11 members of the Supervisory Board, including Sergey Zaitsev, Konstantin Korishchenko and Gezin. Former CEO Sergei Mendeleev, board members Borgardt, Dmitry Kirillov, Sergei Andryushchenko, Oleg Kozachenko and Vice President Galina Zima were also prosecuted. The BVI court arrested the shares of the Ukrainian company in the Prominvestbank case. The amount of recovery from each of the defendants was determined by the first instance in shares from the total amount of damage, which will be determined after the formation of the bankruptcy estate and settlements with creditors. Initially, in March 2017, the DIA estimated the total amount of subsidiary liability at over 40.5 billion rubles. The Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal in October 2019 changed the definition of the first instance, releasing 13 former controlling persons of the bank from liability and assigning it only to Mastyugin, Mendeleev, Zaitsev, Korishchenko, Gezin and Borgardt. The Arbitration Court of the Moscow District, in turn, overturned the appeal ruling and upheld the ruling of the Moscow Arbitration Court. At the same time, in relation to one of the 19 defendants – Kozachenko – the proceedings were suspended due to his death. The Supreme Court upheld the District Court’s ruling in November. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation in December 2013 revoked the license from Investbank, which at that time, according to RIA Rating, was 80th among the banks of the Russian Federation. In March 2014, the court declared the bank bankrupt. Mastyugin, Mendeleev, Borgardt and Zaitsev are involved in criminal cases.

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