MQL4: How to Cancel an Order if Price Goes Below

MQL4: How to Cancel an Order if Price Goes Below

MQL4: How to Cancel an Order if Price Goes Below

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What is MQL4 Cancel Order?

MQL4 (MetaQuqote Language 4) is an expression language that helps automate and manage orders in forex trading. One of the useful features of the language is the ability to cancel orders that have been placed if certain conditions are met. An order can usually be canceled using the MQL4 language when the price of a currency pair goes below a certain threshold. This feature is especially useful for strategies such as breakouts.

How to Set up MQL4 Cancel Order

Setting up an MQL4 cancel order is a straightforward process which involves writing code in the language and linking it to the order that a trader wishes to cancel. First, a conditional statement must be written that specifies the market conditions which, when met, determine if the order should be canceled. Second, instructions must be included which tell the trading platform to execute the order. This procedure can be applied to orders that are already open, or which can be set up in advance.

Benefits of Using MQL4 Cancel Order

Using an MQL4 cancel order can be beneficial because it removes the manual step that traders would otherwise have to take to terminate an order. It can also help to implement strategies more quickly and more precisely, reducing the potential for errors. Furthermore, the automation of order termination can provide a greater degree of flexibility than manual methods, and it eliminates the possibility of emotions influencing trading decisions. /informative

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MQL4 Cancel Order If Price Goes Below Review

Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 was a turning point in the history of international finance. By this agreement, most countries of the world had agreed to link their exchange rate to the US dollar and the changes were to be made only with the permission of the International Monetary Fund. The idea was that it would bring an end to currency fluctuation and help to stabilize the international financial markets. With the agreement, central banks of the global economies would agree to intervene in order to support their currencies.

In the modern era, Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 are one of the most popular platforms among forex traders for automated trading. It is very important to gain a good understanding of the advanced features of the software and its correct usage before going into automated trading. One such feature of this platform is the ability of traders to cancel a pending order if it reaches a specific price level. This feature is known as the ‘MQL4 Cancel Order If Price Goes Below Review’.

How Does It Work?

MQL4 Cancel Order If Price Goes Below is an automatic feature of the Meta Trader platform that allows traders to cancel a specific pending order if it reaches a pre-determined price level. This feature function can be used to protect the traders from making mistakes while entering or exiting a trade. If a trader has an incorrect entry order and it reaches a certain price level, they can set the software to automatically cancel it as soon as it hits the designated level. This way, it ensures that the traders do not get exposed to a greater risk in the market.

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Moreover, traders can also use this feature of the software to reduce their risk in the market. By setting the software to activate on a specific price level the traders can guard their trades from a sudden volatility or unforeseen issues. If the price level is breached, the software will automatically cancel the pending trade for the trader’s safety.

Benefits of MQL4 Cancel Order

The biggest advantage of using MQL4 Cancel Order If Price Goes Below is that it helps traders to keep their risk at the minimum. With this feature, the traders can safeguard their trades from any potential risks in the market. With the help of this setting, traders can relax and focus on other aspects of their trading as the software will automatically cancel the order if the predetermined level is breached.

In addition to risk management, this feature also helps to save time for the traders. As it takes only a few clicks to set up the software for automatic cancelation of the pending order, the traders can easily and quickly set the required level. Moreover, they can also always go back and change the setting if there is a need.

Lastly, the feature also requires minimal time for the execution as the software takes only a few seconds to cancel the order as soon as it touches the specific price level. This helps the traders to expedite their experience in the forex trading business.


The MQL4 Cancel Order If Price Goes Below is a wonderful feature of Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 that can help traders reduce their risk in the market. This feature assists the traders to completely automate their trading experience and protect their trades from any unforeseen potential risk. If the traders want to take advantage of this feature, they must understand the basics of this technology and utilize it in a smart way. With consistent trading and the usage of this feature, traders can eventually be successful in the forex trading business.