MT4: How to Fix Code Not Opening Orders on Same Candle

MT4: How to Fix Code Not Opening Orders on Same Candle

MT4: How to Fix Code Not Opening Orders on Same Candle

Strategies of Trade in Forex

Forex trading is highly dynamic and fast-changing. It requires an understanding of the underlying market conditions that affect the trade. As such, it is important​ to be aware of the different strategies being implemented in this area. Among⁤ the most popular strategies are single candle pattern trades,⁢ as ‌well as more complex comprehensive ⁤trading plans. MT4 code not open more orders on the‌ same candle forex is a unique ​strategy that can increase the profits ‍of users.

The Logic of MT4 Code not Open more Orders

The concept behind the MT4 code not open more orders on‌ the same ⁢candle is ⁣quite simple, yet incredibly effective. The goal of this strategy is‍ to limit the⁢ frequency in which more orders are opened within a single candle. This helps to prevent any losses that may occur due to unpredictable market changes or volatility. By avoiding more orders within a single candle, traders are able to stay more in control of their investments.⁤

Implementation of MT4 Code not Open More ‌Orders Strategy

The strategy of MT4 code ​not open more orders on the same candle is relatively simple to implement. First, traders must⁢ identify the proper candle pattern that will trigger the strategy, which is usually a three consecutive ⁢long-body candles that open⁤ within the ⁤previous candle’s real body and close that exceeds the previous close. The‌ MT4 code ⁤not open more orders also takes into consideration the open and close⁢ of the following candle. When‌ this pattern is identified, ‍the trade should​ be entered and stop loss orders should be placed to protect the trader’s investments.

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Advantages of MT4 Code not Open More Orders

The MT4 code not open⁤ more orders on the same ⁢candle strategies can be quite beneficial for traders. As it helps limit⁢ the frequency of new orders, it ensures ​that the risk of losses is minimized. Additionally, it​ has the potential to maximize profits as the strategy ⁣allows traders to adjust their positions according to the market conditions. Furthermore, traders can easily identify this pattern and apply it without requiring any complicated⁣ analysis. As such, ​it can be a great tool to help traders ⁢make informed trading decisions.


Overall, the MT4 code‌ not ⁤open more orders on ⁣the same candle forex strategy can be ‌a highly beneficial tool for traders who want to maximize their profits. By limiting the frequency of new orders,‍ as well as allowing for easy identification of the ⁢pattern, traders can make⁤ informed decisions and stay more⁤ in control of their investments. ⁤By understanding the logic of the strategy, traders ⁤can gain confidence in their ⁣trading and ensure that their trades are more successful.

MQL4 Code Not Open More Orders On The ‍Same Candle Review

MQL4 is a powerful‍ language that is used by many traders as a platform to create their own automated trading systems. ‌But ‌like any complex programming⁢ language, there are hidden issues that can cause serious trouble and one of them is the rounding of numbers.‌ This can lead to orders not being opened on the same candle, no matter ‌what combinations of parameters we use. In this review, we will look at the cause of ⁤this issue and the solutions available ‍so traders​ can continue to benefit from⁣ automated trading.

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What​ Causes The Issue?

An order may not be opened in the same candle⁢ due⁢ to number‌ rounding. This is because the code used to place the order is rounded off to the nearest tick. A​ tick is the smallest unit of price, which ⁤is usually ​the fourth decimal in currency pairs. For example, if the code is set to open an order ​at ​1.234, it will be ‍rounded off to 1.235 in order to be ⁣able to open the order. The rounding also affects the ‍take-profit and stop-loss levels, which could prevent orders from being opened‍ in the same candle.

Solutions To The ⁣Problem

The simplest way to prevent to prevent orders from not being opened on the same candle ‍is to set the price levels slightly lower or higher than the value set by⁣ the user. This can be done by changing the number of digits used for the ⁤price levels or by ​using a different value than the one set by the user. For example,​ if the user sets a ⁣price level of 1.234,​ the order could be opened at 1.233. This undercuts the slightest risk of orders not being opened on the same candle.

Another⁢ way to solve the problem is to use the numbers of the OHLC bar and add a certain spread to it. This will guarantee that the order is opened in the same candle, but could also cause​ the order‍ to be filled at a slightly worse price than what was set.

A third solution⁢ is to use the order ⁤modifier, which will allow ⁣the user to set the entry price and ‍set the take-profit and stop-loss levels without the‌ fear of rounding off the price.

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Number rounding‍ can be a hidden issue that can⁤ cause orders not​ to be opened ‌in the same candle. This problem can be solved⁤ by slightly changing the number of digits being used for the⁣ price levels, using a different value than the one set by the‍ user, or by ⁤using the order modifier. By using these methods, traders can ensure their orders are ​filled on ⁤the same candle.