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Muholov RebateCollector

Muholov RebateCollector-an Expert Advisor for collecting rebates.

  • Multi-currency wallet.
  • Trades are opened when the quote crosses the calculated support/resistance levels.
  • Simultaneously analyzes and trades 276 trading instruments, the trader has no choice.
  • All trades are opened with a volume of 0.01 lots.
  • It is set on a single chart in the terminal. The chart tool is not important.
  • There are no stops.
  • Thrall has not arrived.
  • Trades are closed in series, at the choice of the Expert Advisor. The amount of profit is set by the trader.
  • The risk is limited by the stop_level parameter (the value of the parameter is the level below which new trades will not be opened).
  • I recommend using a trading leverage of no more than 1: 100.

 Brief instructions for preparing for trading:

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