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Names of professions whose representatives most often save money

MOSCOW, June 10 – PRIME. Accountants, financiers and lawyers are most likely to save money every month. This became known from a study on the formation of savings, conducted by the largest Russian online recruiting platform and the fintech company Dengi Vperyod. The survey itself was conducted in May 2021 and was attended by 2,261 employed Russian residents. The top 5 occupational areas where employees save money most often included accounting and finance (81%), legal and construction (78% each), marketing and advertising (77%), and banking (75%). Workers have much less opportunities for savings – only 6 out of 10 specialists save money, and 43% of them spend up to 10% of their monthly income on savings. A third of respondents (31%) specified that they save 5% to 10% of their income monthly, 17% save less than 5%, 16% save 15% to 30% of their income, and every fourth respondent does not spend anything at all on savings. More than 50% of income can be transferred to savings for 4% of respondents, another 7% save from 30% to 50% of monthly income. The Russians are actively engaged in the arrangement of summer cottages and repairs The founder and CEO of the fintech company Money Forward Pavel Guzhikov noted that “the events of the last one and a half years have greatly changed the approach of Russians to savings. It is gratifying to see that, despite the ongoing crisis in the market, people have begun to think more about savings and are choosing not just another gadget for the sake of status, but the formation of a financial “pillow” in case of an emergency. 78% of young people aged 18 -24 years saving for a rainy day is a good indicator, and its growth suggests that each next generation will be more financially conscious than the previous one. ” As the research has shown, most often Russians save money without a specific purpose, 54% of respondents form savings “in reserve”. Improving housing conditions (36%), travel (32%), passive income after retirement (20%), and education for oneself and children (15% and 13%) were named the most popular goals for the formation of savings. It is noted that men allocate money for tools to generate passive income almost twice as often as women (25% versus 14%), and Russians start actively saving for education for their children after 35 years (47% of respondents 34-55 years old versus 8% of respondents aged 25 -34 years old). The respondents aged 18-24 save for education for themselves three times more often than the respondents 35-44 – 29% versus 10%. Maria Ignatova, head of the Research Service, emphasized that “savings made during work for 60% of Russians become a” safety cushion “after dismissal. These figures correlate with the results of this survey, which show that savings without a specific goal over half of Russians do “in reserve.” It is curious that most often in order to achieve financial goals, Russians are ready to give up regular updates of gadgets, going to restaurants and visiting entertainment events, updating their wardrobe and traveling. Almost a third of the respondents are ready to refuse annual leave and sick leave (29%) At the same time, men are willing to give up more often than women from travel (51% versus 37%) and vacations (35% versus 20%). Least of all those who are ready to give up something for the sake of savings, among respondents aged 45-54 years – only every tenth (11%). It is estimated what income is needed to save up for retirement. Leaders among the respondents who do not save Inhabitants of St. Petersburg, Krasnodar Territory, Rostov and Samara Regions left – every third person lives here without savings. The respondents from the Sverdlovsk Oblast and Tatarstan pay the most attention to savings – over 80% of residents here take care of savings.

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