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Negative Yield Bonds Reach Record $ 18 Trillion

The above chart reflects the volume of negative yielding global bonds. Data: Bloomberg, source: Bloomberg The volume of bonds with negative yields reached a record $ 18 trillion, which indicates the continued high demand for “safe” assets. On Thursday, this figure was $ 18.04 trillion (Bloomberg data – approx., and on Friday, the yield on 10-year bonds of Spain for the first time in history fell below zero. Thus, Spain has become a new member of the club of countries that are paid by investors to lend them money. Last week the volume of negative-yield bonds rose by about $ 1 trillion, and today already 27% of all world investment-grade bonds are trading at below zero yields. However, thanks to the large-scale coronavirus emission of debt in recent months, this figure falls short of the record 30% reached last year. Expectations of a further recovery in the global economy spur demand for riskier assets like stocks and corporate bonds, but monetary support from central banks and a bad epidemiological situation in the world are forcing investors to buy and protection in the form of sovereign debt. The rise in the volume of bonds with negative yields, which has been observed since March, coincided with a decline in the dollar. On Thursday, bond bulls gained another buy argument when the ECB announced a € 500bn increase in its debt-buying program. US Treasury bonds (Treasuries) remain one of the few developed country bonds whose yields are still above zero. Prepared by based on Bloomberg materials Related: US junk bond yields hit a new record low Treasury yield growth could cause dominoes in all markets The most successful investor of this year is expecting a collapse of the bond market

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