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Forex Traiding

Oil prices rise in hopes of strengthening US economic support measures

Fyodor Sokolovsky Greetings. I am the main administrator of the Profitov.Net Trader Portal I have created and continue to develop this site as a place where everyone interested in making money in the financial markets can get reliable and up-to-date information about trading strategies, indicators, ways of making money, brokers, fresh analytics for every day … Welcome to our rapidly growing team, I am sure you will like it with us!

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Forex Traiding

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Forex Traiding

Bitcoin can be killed by its creator. The mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto is capable of destabilizing the market.

Forex Traiding

The $ 44,000 support weathered, Bitcoin recovered to $ 50,000. What's next?

Forex Traiding

EUR / USD Forecast for March 2, 2021

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