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Oil still supports the ruble

The past trading session ended for the ruble with a continued fall against the dollar and the euro amid further assessment by investors of the risk that the US and EU central banks will reduce the “pandemic” bond buyback program, as well as increased geopolitical risks in the form of new sanctions in the Navalny case. The fall of the Russian currency against the dollar was 0.33%, and the closing price was 73.11 rubles per dollar, although at the moment the price of the pair was trading at 73.34 rubles per unit of the American currency. The fall against the euro was much more significant and amounted to more than 1%. As a result, yesterday’s closing price was 87.14 rubles per euro. Oil quotes remain significant support for the ruble – the price of a barrel of Brent has broken through $ 75 for the first time in two years, as well as the need for exporters to change their currency to pay MET on Friday. A slight decrease in geopolitical negativity is also expected, which was actually played out yesterday. The estimated ranges of price movements for the dollar and the euro for today are 72.9-73.7 rubles per dollar and 86.8-88 rubles per euro. But the speech of FRS Chairman Jerome Powell before the Senate could make significant adjustments to the value of the ruble in the coming days .______________________ Alexey Krichevsky, Expert, Academy of Financial and Investment Management

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