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On the importance of digital verification of visual observations

Along with the effect I noticed on RI, another “effect” “struck my eyes”:

If Norilsk Nickel grows within a day, then Severstal falls and vice versa.

Decided to check the numbers. I downloaded five minutes, removed interday increments and calculated the correlation of relative increments for September-October. Alas, the sample correlation was 0.47, i.e., although not too large, but definitely a positive value. Thinking that this may have happened due to the general fall of the market on the announcement of partial mobilization and after the payment of Gazprom’s dividends, I removed these days from the calculations. Alas, here too disappointment awaited me: the sample correlation even slightly increased and became 0.52. Of course, this is statistically indistinguishable from 0.47, but just as positive.

Of course, with a correlation of 0.5, local discrepancies are possible, but nothing more. And the “striking” “effect” globally turned out to be only “an optical illusion”.

Good luck in bidding!

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