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Our early January market reminded me "dashing" 90th

When the traders of the “big” (Troika, Renik, Rinako, Nikoil, etc.) called up in the morning, they found out if anyone had any orders from the nonrezov, and if not, then they agreed on a “game” within the day at RAO UES or ” up-down-up-down “, or” down-up-down-up “.

The worst thing is that according to the morning dynamics it was not clear whether it was a “game” or down, because a buy order came (then it was “down-up-up” during the day), and up, because a sell order came (then it was ” up-down-down “).

At that time we still arranged a “check”: we called Troika or Renik and if they agreed to settlements in rubles, then most often it was an order, and if they refused on the basis of an application “only dollars” (usually they put such in the “glass” of the classic RTS ), then, most likely, this is a “game”.

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