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Overview of the EUR / USD pair. January 18. 15 false sayings of Donald Trump. Washington prepares for Biden’s inauguration ceremony at

DATE OF PUBLICATION: 2021-01-18 03: 03: 464-hour timeframe Technical data: Major linear regression channel: direction – upward; Younger linear regression channel: direction – downward; Moving average (20; smoothed) – downward; СCI: -267.4527 The EUR / USD currency pair on Friday, January 15, continued its quiet downward movement. Several macroeconomic reports in the US that day had no effect on the movement of the pair. All news of a political nature is ignored. And nothing more interesting is happening now either in the United States or in the European Union. Somehow, completely imperceptibly, the “coronavirus” began to play a familiar role in people’s lives. Nobody is hysterical about a new “lockdown”, which is introduced if necessary, or about tougher quarantine. During the year of the pandemic, people got used to masks, got used to social distancing, got used to the “coronavirus” itself and to the fact that you can die from it. Thus, newspapers are no longer full of headlines about new anti-morbidity records (although in the States this number stably exceeds 200,000 per day), and the markets generally do not react at all to the epidemiological situation in a particular country. Moreover, the markets are not reacting to anything now. All this at the same time facilitates and complicates the process of analysis and trading in the foreign exchange market. It makes it easier – because traders now need to analyze, in fact, only technical factors. It complicates it because it’s never clear how you feel about the next big news, report, or a whole topic. Donald Trump’s last days in the White House are kind of bleak. More and more people and supporters are turning away from him, and according to polls, after the events of January 6, many Americans want Trump to never get involved in big politics again. Also, according to some news agencies, Trump fell out with personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani and refused to pay his fees. Recall that it was Giuliani who announced a few weeks ago that the election results would be revised, and America would get its true and legitimate president. As you can see, America got it, but it’s not Trump. It is also reported that many prominent lawyers have refused to represent Trump in defense against second impeachment, as well as in all legal proceedings that Trump will face after he ceases to be president. It is reported that the Democrats are preparing a whole bunch of lawsuits in various courts in order to once and for all remove Trump from big politics. Many American news outlets are already writing that Donald Trump’s career is buried. Trump’s approval rating dropped to 29%. Trump himself abandoned the idea of ​​resigning voluntarily to avoid future impeachment. Meanwhile, Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani apparently has not worked all the checks, because he said that he would still represent Trump’s interests in court. Giuliani also criticized the Democrats, who “put pressure on Trump because he expresses his opinion.” According to Giuliani, “Democrats said that whenever Trump talks about electoral fraud, he incites violence.” Giuliani also has no hope of proving electoral fraud, which he believes would deprive the Democrats of their trump card. Meanwhile, CNN has compiled a list of 15 of Donald Trump’s most famous lies. Among all the statements there are quite harmless ones, like the statement about the absence of rain at the inauguration in 2016, although it was actually raining, ending with statements about the control of the “coronavirus”. Also, Trump was repeatedly caught in “inaccurate” statements regarding trade with China, deliberately exaggerating the problem, in the lie regarding the approval of the veteran assistance program, which was approved by Barack Obama. With the “most insolent” lies, CNN singles out a whole block that concerns almost every Trump speech in which he spoke about Joe Biden. Trump blamed Biden for anything and everything, without ever providing a single piece of evidence for his words. A separate “shame” CNN calls the televised debate between Trump and Biden. Meanwhile, in Washington, everything is preparing for the inauguration of Joe Biden. Detachments of the National Guard are being transferred to the capital, the emergency regime has already been introduced by Donald Trump, and massive demonstrations and protests by supporters of the incumbent president are expected. The FBI said that it is seriously monitoring various kinds of “dangerous chats”, which contain calls for violence, rallies, protests, especially armed ones. Some states have declared a state of emergency. In downtown Washington, there are almost no people on the streets, the Capitol is fenced in with barbed wire. This is America right now. In the summer and fall of last year, we wrote about the political crisis that swallowed the country thanks to the same Donald Trump. It’s hard to say, is there a new crisis in the country now or a continuation of the old one? One way or another, it’s better that it all end as quickly as possible. The US dollar has been hit hard since last March. The American currency has been recovering over the past week, but it is difficult to say whether this process will take long. One thing is good – the US dollar does not react to politics, otherwise it could already be caught near the level of 1.2500. As for the economy, the American one still looks much stronger than the European one, despite the failed NonFarm Payrolls and the growing number of jobless claims. The most important thing is that the States have managed this winter without a total “lockdown”. Therefore, the economy continued to work and recover. The European economy was “closed” for another month in November, so it will suffer losses in the fourth quarter of 2020. It is difficult to say how important this information is at this time to market participants. In the past few months, traders have not paid any attention to the “foundation” and “macroeconomics” at all. When this reluctance to pay attention will end is unknown. All that remains is to trade according to the factors that matter. That is, technical. “Technique”, however, speaks at this time of a continuing downward movement. Thus, as long as the price remains below the moving average line, it is recommended to continue to consider sell orders. The volatility of the EUR / USD currency pair as of January 18 is 79 points and is characterized as “average”. Thus, we expect the pair to move between the levels 1.2000 and 1.2158 today. An upward reversal of the Heiken Ashi indicator may signal a round of upward correction. The closest support levels: S1 – 1.2085S2 – 1.1963S3 – 1.1841 The closest resistance levels: R1 – 1.2207R2 – 1.2329R3 – 1.2451 Trading recommendations: EUR / USD continues to move downward. Thus, today it is recommended to stay in short positions with targets at 1.2000 and 1.1963 until the Heiken Ashi indicator reverses upward. It is recommended to consider buy orders if the pair consolidates back above the moving average with a target of 1.2329. Recommended reading: Review of the GBP / USD pair. January 18. The UK aims to vaccinate the entire adult population by September 2021. Material provided by InstaForex – Source – InstaForex

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