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Ozon Launches Fulfillment Center Test Operations in Belarus

Ozon launches a warehouse complex outside of Russia. The fulfillment center in Minsk will accept the goods of Belarusian sellers for storage and collect them into orders on its own. At the first stage, such a scheme will work for goods ordered from Belarus by Russian buyers.

The opening of the new fulfillment center will significantly reduce the barrier to entry into the Russian market for local entrepreneurs and allow them to sell more effectively to an audience of tens of millions of Ozon users in Russia. Belarusian sellers will be able to store their goods at the Ozon logistics facility, and the marketplace itself will collect them into orders and deliver them to Russian customers. Due to the fact that orders will be collected by Ozon itself, the delivery time from Belarus to Russia will be reduced.

The floor area of ​​the facility is 13,000 square meters; it can simultaneously store 14 million liters of goods of various categories. After the fulfillment center reaches full capacity, several hundred jobs will be created there.

“Our experience shows that a new large logistics facility in the region allows us to multiply the number of local sellers on the site — now the Belarusian business will be able to reduce the cost of the delivery process and enter the Russian market. Reducing the delivery time from Belarus to Russia will definitely stimulate the growth of orders and allow local entrepreneurs to significantly increase sales, – the director of Ozon CIS commented on the news for Pro Business Marya Day.

The opening of the Ozon fulfillment center near Minsk is one of the stages in building a logistics infrastructure in Belarus. The marketplace also has a sorting center and 98 branded pickup points.

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