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Pizza Delivery Man Talks About Bitcoin Tips He Stored For Over Seven Years

The delivery service driver, who had kept a tip in the first cryptocurrency since 2013, decided to exchange the coins for dollars. This was reported by a Reddit user.

7 years ago, I gave a pizza guy a $ 5 tip in BTC (.05 BTC at the time). That $ 5 tip is now worth over $ 2850. Today, I received this. from r / CryptoCurrency

According to the first publication, on December 28, 2013, the customer offered the pizza delivery man a tip between $ 5 in cash and 0.0069 BTC (~ $ 5 at the exchange rate at the time) in a paper wallet. At the rate at the time of writing, the tip is about $ 320.

Just gave the pizza guy a paper wallet as a tip (0.0069BTC ~ $ 5) with instructions and email address if he needs help – went better than expected! from r / Bitcoin

He chose the second option and received the public and private keys along with instructions and the user’s Reddit mail. Seven years later, the delivery man contacted btcbible to help exchange bitcoins for US dollars.

The story refers to a landmark event for the cryptocurrency industry. In 2010, programmer Laszlo Heinitz purchased two pizzas for 10,000 BTC, which at the time of writing are worth about $ 480 million.

Since then, the community has celebrated Bitcoin Pizza Day every year on May 22.

In 2018, Laszlo Heinitz repeated the experiment using the Lightning Network protocol, ordering two pizzas for 0.0069 BTC.

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