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“Poverty gene”: are there people who are not destined to get rich

MOSCOW, April 17 – PRIME, Valeria Knyaginina. The material level that exists in a person’s life is a reflection of his idea of ​​money, how they get it and what benefits he himself deserves. In order to get rich and reach a higher standard of living, a person must allow himself this. Psychologists and financiers told the Prime agency why some people manage to quickly accumulate a large amount, make money work, while others do not. They listed the mistakes of those who are just starting their journey towards a rich life and what is worth learning from wealthy people. what his parents say, what he absorbs from society. Someone hears around them phrases like: “you can do everything, strive for the best”, and someone: “you can’t earn big money by honest labor, thinking about money is bad, be happy with what you have.” Growing up, one person seeks to destroy such attitudes and go forward, further than, for example, his parents. Another stops within a given framework, explains psychologist Ekaterina Pavlenko. The matrix that sets a person’s behavior in relation to the basic values ​​of being is formed, like the whole character, in childhood. By the age of 8-9 people are already sculpted by sculptors – parents, first of all, as well as those who surround him, agrees with the psychologist, TONNEX Group Development Director Vasily Lavrov. “That is why we are not changing. The poor, just like the ‘average’, will not become rich. And the rich and the middle class will not become poor,” he is convinced. According to him, this seemingly paradoxical and somewhat doomed view of things is easily confirmed if you look at situations when a person from one social group suddenly moves to another, for example, having received an inheritance or having won a large sum. After a while, everything returns to normal. What things are worth buying on credit, and what is better to save up for An example of this is the colossal transformation that took place in our country in the last century, when Soviet power ended and capitalism began. The huge capital of the country lay underfoot and went to the most dexterous and fortunate. But in the end, those who suddenly became “fast-rich”, but were not able to manage money, lost everything, recalls Lavrov. Those who, on an unconscious level, were on the “you” with wealth, have kept everything and continue to be rich, he summed up. However, another conclusion can be drawn from this story: in order to manage wealth, you need to learn how to manage it. If millionaires have a deep inner conviction of their right to wealth, then those who really want to achieve something in finances have to get used to the thought that they can afford it for a long time and persistently. And this can be done only in the process of becoming a financially literate person, experts say. Both the ability to earn and the ability to preserve wealth can be developed. It comes with experience and education. SO HOW TO GET WEALTHY? Before embarking on the “path of a rich man”, you need to agree with your life values. Yes, yes, it is to negotiate and, possibly, make certain sacrifices. If you are ready to put financial well-being first in life, work hard at it every day, look for options and look widely around in this area, then you will achieve your goal, says practicing psychologist Pyotr Galigabarov. Victims of a neighbor’s denunciation. When will cover up illegal rental housing Then you should look at your surroundings. Do you have many wealthy acquaintances? According to various studies in the field of social psychology, the ability to form social connections plays a significant role in gaining material well-being, says psychologist Maria Eril. “The easier a person makes the necessary contacts, the easier it is for him to achieve certain successes. However, some famous millionaires are loners. In this case, we are not talking about businessmen, but about professionals, researchers and high-level artists who have achieved material well-being through their pronounced talent. “, – she explains. And yet, having rich friends, you may be able to earn some money, but keeping the capital in your hands is unlikely. Therefore, an important factor that contributes to the achievement of their financial goals is specialized education. Whatever one may say, but you will have to study, and constantly. And this is also a kind of sacrifice in the name of wealth. “Financial literacy is the science of managing your money correctly. In practice, you should apply and implement the knowledge gained not once, but on an ongoing basis. It is important to learn to understand, analyze, and handle economic information in general,” says international financial consultant Andrey Gonchar. According to Victoria Starovatova, founder of the Capital Acceleration System project, creating personal capital requires financial intelligence, discipline, perseverance and knowledge of the laws of capital movement. This is always a long-term process requiring several decades. You can get rich quickly, but building a stable financial system that will painlessly survive the imminent macroeconomic and personal financial crises is not at all easy. “If the laws of capital movement are ignored, the result is predictable. There are a lot of historical stories when large fortunes collapsed immediately due to financial myopia. And vice versa, there are many examples when, thanks to prudence, awareness, self-discipline, the well-being of a family increases from year to year” she says. People with a multi-million dollar fortune are distinguished by high ambition, entrepreneurial ability, large-scale thinking, wider boundaries or even their absence in understanding what is possible and what is not, Pavlenko adds. At the same time, the feeling of satisfaction with what is, inhibits development. Millionaires are always distinguished by the desire for the best, more, passion and inclination to take risks, the psychologist concluded.

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