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Price growth ban: what’s next?

The Pro Business Club continues to monitor the situation around the ban on price increases for many categories of goods. Decree of the Council of Ministers No. 713 “On the price regulation system” has already been officially published, new clarifications from government agencies for companies and individual entrepreneurs appear every week. However, it is still not entirely clear to businesses how to work in the new conditions.

Due to numerous requests from our audience, on November 25, the Pro Business Club will organize a new meeting-dialogue, where we will continue to understand the topic. A specially invited expert is Svetlana Malinina (chief accountant, СFO, well-known accountant for bloggers). Venue: CAMPUS business center, conference hall (2nd floor).

Svetlana Malinina.  Photo from personal archive
Svetlana Malinina. Photo from personal archive

Registration for the meeting starts at 18−20.

The meeting starts at 19-00, with peer review. A few key points:

• Decree N713 – how to work in 2023?

• How to determine if a product is subject to price regulation or not

• An example of pricing

• How to coordinate prices: assortment list, etc.

AT 20-00after the end of the speech, Svetlana Malinina will answer questions from the guests of the thematic meeting.

Dear participants! Please note: the thematic meeting will be held in the new business center CAMPUS, 2nd floor (Minsk, Ya. Kolas st. 73, building 3). A detailed itinerary can be found at this link.

To take part in the meeting, make a one-time visit to the Club

What is Pro Business Club?

This is a community of entrepreneurs and leaders. Thanks to the unique networking mechanics developed, each participant at each meeting gets the opportunity to discuss their case, problem, business issue. Get useful practical advice and tips from colleagues – the same leaders and entrepreneurs representing companies from different fields.

In the Club we find partners, clients, contractors. We communicate offline and online – in the private chat of the Club. We also have a good rest)

More than 1,700 top business people have already attended Club meetings.

Pro Business Club meeting
Pro Business Club meeting

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