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Remittances of labor migrants from Russia decreased over the year


MOSCOW, July 15 – PRIME. Remittances of labor migrants from Russia to their homeland in the CIS countries in the first quarter of 2021 decreased by 13.5% compared to the same period last year, to $ 1.85 billion, RIA Novosti found out based on data from the Bank of Russia. against Belarus for the influx of migrants Only Uzbekistan showed positive dynamics: remittances there over the year increased by 12.4%, to 680.4 million dollars. In all other CIS states, there were noticeably fewer shipments, the strongest decline was in Turkmenistan: if in the first quarter of last year, $ 0.8 million was sent there, then this year – only $ 0.1 million. Transfers to Moldova decreased by half (to $ 44.8 million), to Tajikistan – by 37.3% (to $ 224.9 million), to Ukraine – by 32.6% (to $ 153.1 million), to Azerbaijan – by 29% (up to 127.7 million dollars), to Kazakhstan – by 28.2% (up to 20.6 million dollars), to Kyrgyzstan – by 10% (up to 378.8 million dollars). The smallest decrease in comparison with other CIS countries decreased remittances of labor migrants sent to Armenia (by 4.2%, to $ 113.1 million) and Belarus (by 4.3%, to $ 102.9 million).


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