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Results of the week from the Pro Business portal

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The consequences of relocation, the state of the freight market and a strong history of complex apple business. We briefly retell what Pro Business wrote about last week.

Business conditions

The relocation of companies and workers from Belarus has greatly changed the landscape in the labor market. However, the changes are not as critical as it seemed six months ago. Belarusians have managed to learn how to quickly adapt to shocks throughout their history. Aleksey Nemkovich, managing partner of the consulting company ARTITERA, professional headhunter and career consultant, believes that the picture on the labor market is already becoming more optimistic. Read the opinion of the expert in the material “About business”.

The freight market has changed a lot. Trains from China are now sent to Europe through Kazakhstan, goods from Europe are reloaded near the border into other trucks, and “sanctions” are transported through Turkey. Enough of both problems and new opportunities. Someone was able to even benefit from the situation. Market participants told Pro Business about the situation on the market and shared their forecasts for the future.

Lawyers talked about new antitrust risks for business here. We have also compiled the Top 10 most frequently asked questions about product traceability.

The government and the National Bank have changed the conditions for settlements in cash for the export of Belarusian companies.

Alexey Tyazhkikh, Deputy General Director for Technical Affairs of MTS, spoke about how the Internet developed, what business opportunities 5G opens up and when the technology will be launched.

Useful for business

Here are books that will help you build a great team and keep it in the company. But do not forget that the emotions of leaders can scare away talented employees and destroy the company. Read how and what not to do.

Representatives of the business that produces food products spoke about the trends in the market. Spoiler: the price factor comes first as people start saving.

Business stories

About 20 years ago Alexander Abramchik brought apples from Poland for sale. Then I decided to grow them myself. I took an old collective farm garden near Molodechno, but something didn’t work: the varieties of apple trees were old, and the novice farmer had zero experience. Things moved when in 2009, within the framework of the republican program for the development of horticulture, Alexander planted the first 40 hectares of his garden. It was hard, progressed by trial and error. Son Igor helped his father, began to immerse himself in this topic, attend international conferences. In 2015, he took matters into his own hands. Since then, the orchard has grown from 45 hectares to 110 hectares, the planting technology has seriously changed, and the revenue of the Spartan-Agro farm in the Molodechno region doubles every year. About how you can develop a successful business in agriculture – in the article “About business”.

Unusual for business

Virtual reality is used today not only in the entertainment industry and gaming. It is used in medicine, science, industry, and now also in the field of HR and vocational training. VR technologies are a huge opportunity for both training and increasing employee loyalty. After all, the developed programs help to take care of the development of staff and support their mental health. There are very few companies in Belarus that have introduced VR into the corporate environment. One of them is Gazpromneft-Belnefteprodukt, which has been using the technology in various fields for about 5 years. We learned about this experience.

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