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Results of the week from the Pro Business portal

An unusual case of dishware promotion, problems in the labor market and a tax checklist. We briefly retell what Pro Business wrote about last week.

Business conditions

According to the ATI.SU Road Transportation Exchange, the demand for cargo transportation through the territory of Belarus in 2022 increased by 90%, that is, almost doubled.

The research center of the service showed in numbers what happened to the labor market in 2022.

Economics for business

From January 23, 2023, the refinancing rate is reduced from 12% to 11.5% per annum, the overnight loan rate is from 13% to 12.5% ​​per annum, the overnight deposit rate is from 11% to 10.5% per annum. This decision was made by the Board of the National Bank of Belarus on January 18, 2023 following the meeting on monetary policy.

Useful for business

We have made a checklist of business reports and declarations for 2022 for you.

Glassworks “Neman” revealed the details of a successful case of promoting a new collection of tableware.

Watch four motivational documentaries that will energize you for a productive 2023.

We explain how to choose a business intelligence platform.

Business stories

Come to Bali for the winter, stay – and decide to build your own hotel. A plan that a Belarusian entrepreneur may well implement. Sergey Sulimov, the founder of EnglishPapa and the Aviator Bali hotel, told Pro Business about how to register your business in Indonesia and enter the local real estate market.

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