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Results of the week from the Pro Business portal

The collapse of the automotive market, the ubiquitous sanctions and the strong story of a Belarusian who sews parachutes, no matter what. We briefly retell what Pro Business wrote about last week.

Business conditions

In Belarus, competition in the labor market continues to grow: “11 applicants apply for one vacancy.”

In April 2022, sales of new passenger cars in Belarus decreased by 76% compared to March. The current figures look even worse compared to April 2021: volumes fell by 82%.

In 2022, Ozon plans to increase turnover by 80%. What else the top manager of the company said about the work of the popular marketplace, read here.

Alfa-Bank has canceled the commission for transfers within Belarus in foreign currency for business clients.

Economics for business

The sanctions lists of Western countries are replenished almost every day. Belarusian companies and banks, as well as individuals, constantly get there. And it may seem that problems begin only for those who are already on the lists. But this is a delusion. There are examples when problems started because of sanctions without being included in the lists. Why this happens, read our article.

The National Bank admitted that it carried out foreign exchange interventions to smooth out demand from Belarusian companies in the first quarter of 2022.

Useful for business

The entrepreneur told how to maintain a positive outlook on problems in business.

How is the internal kitchen of the shoe workshop arranged? See our report.

Recently it became known that Victor Khamenok finished his work and left the founders of the Rozum Robotics company he created. Why didn’t this beautiful project “shoot” in seven years? Victor shared his findings.

The owner of three businesses, Olga Grineva, spoke about why two of them are hard to sell.

And a bonus: a May selection of books about communication with customers and employees.

Business stories

Sergey Nasatovich from Vitebsk is the USSR Master of Sports in skydiving. He has stepped overboard more than 3,000 times. But one day the moment came when I had to stop jumping: an injury. It would seem that everything is with the sky. But the athlete began to sew parachutes! Read the story of Belahavis Company LLC, the only enterprise in Belarus that has been producing such equipment for 20 years.

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