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Results of the week from the Pro Business portal

A ban for Belarusian developers to download applications in the Play Store, problems in the office market and advice on working with personnel in a crisis. We briefly retell what Pro Business wrote about last week.

Business conditions

“Even in the face of an unprecedented crisis, there are positives in the business environment. As soon as the economy of Belarus reaches a plateau and stabilizes, we will see the expansion of existing and the emergence of new franchise networks,” says Olga Leontyeva, chairman of the Belfranchising association. Read an interview with her here.

Entrepreneurs were again given a delay in working with cash desks, but on one condition.

The Russian division of Google has filed for bankruptcy, and Belarusians have been banned from downloading and updating paid apps in the Play Store.

How the brands of Belarus and Russia reacted to the events in Ukraine and how it should have been done correctly: the opinion of a marketer.

We found out how much it costs to rent business premises in Minsk now.

Useful for business

The first to die in a crisis are those companies where there was a mess even without the crisis. If in a growing economy there will always be a place for even poorly organized businesses that work “as the cards fall”, then in the context of narrowing markets, growing competition and declining incomes of the population, this is unlikely. So it’s time to think about automation and creating an adequate organizational structure in the company. And for starters, it will be useful to read a case from the founder of the EnglishPapa school network, Sergey Sulimov. He has already passed this way.

Cut or Hold: Read How Businesses Work with Staff in a Crisis.

Another interesting case is how to develop a creative business and promote it on Wildberries. And you can find a big conversation with the Deputy General Director of MTS about the latest trends in business here. If you need an entrepreneur’s checklist for registering a franchise agreement, then it is here.

Arkady Zucker told how to develop a business now without looking for support in previous success, and revealed “6 facets of business sustainability”.

Business stories

In 2018 Alexey Kovtun and Anastasia Glumakova from Grodno decided to make furniture. We started without our own production and physical points of sale, we were looking for the first customers by phone … And over time, we built processes and reached 80 orders per month with an average check of $ 300 in B2C and $ 2,000 in B2B. Now entrepreneurs are preparing to take the next step: launch small-scale production and sell goods through marketplaces. Read the history of

A year ago, Vladislav Lopunov developed two directions in parallel – commodity and advertising business. He combined the sale of artificial Christmas trees and Chinese headphones with consulting companies on promotion in social networks and setting up targeted advertising, preferring the latter. Now the priorities of the young entrepreneur have turned 180 degrees: a couple of clients remain from the advertising business, but the sales of “goods” have gone up due to access to popular marketplaces. We talked with Vladislav about how this transition took place, about his experience in promoting and selling on Wildberries and their similarity with search engines.

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