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Rethinking the Customer Experience: Methods and Practices That Really Work

Attract, satisfy and retain customers. Isn’t that what every company strives for? But it becomes more difficult to achieve your goals every year. Especially for those who pay insufficient attention to the development of customer centricity and customer experience management.

A case conference will be held in Minsk on March 29 “DCX: Customer Experience Day”. We invite you to join the event and absorb the most relevant methods and cases of creating a better customer experience (CX).

DCX is the only conference in Belarus that reveals this process from all sides using real examples from the practice of companies that have succeeded in these matters.

A well-built CX (Customer Experience) is a serious competitive advantage in the market. And the financial results of the enterprise directly depend on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore, companies need strategies to build trust and personalized relationships with the consumer at every stage of interaction.

This year you will find a rich and diverse program. Experts from the banking sector, retail, development, oil refining and other industries will speak at the conference. Authoritative speakers will share their personal experience and working mechanics for practical application in business.

You will learn how:

  • Build a CX strategy in new realities
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Design a holistic Total Experience (TX)
  • Optimize the customer lifecycle and manage the experience across all touchpoints
  • Make customer-centricity the core of corporate culture
  • Assess the impact of SH-indicators on the business result

During the event, you will also be able to take part in round tables, the topics of which will be formed at the request of the conference participants. You will have the opportunity to discuss burning issues with colleagues from the CX community and invited experts.

Go to the case conference website “DCX: Customer Experience Day”study up-to-date information on speakers and reports and register.

Join the event and take into your piggy bank the most relevant practices, experience in developing customer-centric companies from different industries, useful contacts and fresh insights to rethink your approach to customer experience management and achieve greater success in your business and professional activities.

General Partner of the Conference: Sberbank
Conference organizers: DiGital Line, Oprosso

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