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Russian banks decided to master the issuance of microloans


MOSCOW, July 14 – PRIME. Large Russian credit organizations have begun to actively issue clients “payday loans” in the amount of up to 30 thousand rubles and for a period of a month, writes “Kommersant”. According to the experts interviewed by the publication, this does not pose a threat to the traditional microfinance organizations in this market. More and more large banks have become interested in clients of microfinance organizations (MFIs). Credit organizations offer them loans of up to 30 thousand rubles for a period of one month. In particular, such payday loans for their payroll clients are provided by: Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Pochta-Bank, and other large players are studying this direction. Sberbank launched the Money to Payday service in May this year, more than 100,000 customers have already used it, the total amount of loans exceeded 1 billion rubles. At Post Bank, the “Spare Wallet” service was launched in October 2020, customers can borrow up to 10,000 rubles up to salary or pension, if the debt is repaid within a month, there will be no service commission. Alfa-Bank allows clients of the salary project to receive funds in advance an unlimited number of times. This makes it possible to receive up to 80% of the salary in advance in a month. The service of short loans is also being developed by Tinkoff Bank: here the publication was confirmed by the demand for the product from customers.


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