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Russian deposits in Sberbank hit record high

MOSCOW, Dec 25 – PRIME. Deposits of Russians in Sberbank in December reached a record level of 15 trillion rubles, said the head of the credit institution Herman Gref. Gref shared his macroeconomic expectations for 2021 “We have both the share of deposits and the volume of deposits growing. We reached a record all-time record in December. the figures of 15 trillion rubles in history, “he said in an interview with the Russia 24 TV channel. Gref added that he does not see any dramatic scenarios here. “Structural changes are taking place that are taking place in countries with low inflation. We are gradually moving to the rank of such countries …. We live in an environment of low inflation that is unusual for us, people’s consumption behavior and people’s savings behavior, of course, are changing. People are starting to invest more funds in current accounts and try to look for new investment instruments in order to increase their profitability. This is an absolutely rational model of behavior, we are ready for such a model of behavior, “the banker assured. According to the Central Bank, Russians’ funds in banks in November increased by 0.7%, and since the beginning of the year – by 2.1%, and as of December 1, they amounted to 32.5 trillion rubles.

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