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Russians appreciate how the May holidays will affect their wallet

MOSCOW, May 4 – PRIME. A third of the respondents fear a decrease in income due to the long May holidays, while every tenth citizen, on the contrary, hopes to increase their earnings, according to a study of the online platform Webbankir, which is at the disposal of RIA Novosti. About 56.6% of the respondents believe that additional non-working days will not affect their financial situation in any way. Another 33.8% of respondents fear that their income may decrease, and 9.6% hope that they can earn more, “the experts found out … At the same time, the recent news of the additional weekend in general did not affect people’s plans in any way. The majority (67.8%), despite additional days off, will stay at home, as they had originally intended. Every fourth (27.3%) will go out of town, and another 3.5% of those surveyed will become clients of excursion tourism. At the same time, only 1.5% of respondents reported plans to relax in resorts (in the country or abroad). As a result, almost 46% of respondents would like long May holidays to become an annual tradition, while every third citizen expressed a desire to have long May holidays. holiday. Others are neutral on this issue. At the same time, if for the sake of increasing the May holidays it is necessary to sacrifice the New Year holidays, 57.1% are already against this idea. The study was carried out at the end of April, it was attended by 1.5 thousand people throughout Russia.

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