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Russians are actively interested in video cards for mining

Yandex.Market specialists have recorded a noticeably increased demand for video cards for mining cryptocurrencies in the Russian Federation. According to them, in early December, the number of transitions to offers for their sale increased by almost 70%, writes “Prime”.

Increased demand remained throughout December – residents of the Russian Federation were interested in video cards 1.5 times more often than in December 2019. The peak came at the beginning of the month.

On average, in 2020, Russians were looking for video cards worth about 25 thousand rubles, but since mid-December this figure has increased to more than 50 thousand rubles.

Yandex.Market noted that the reasons for the December excitement are “another cryptocurrency boom”, the release of new “productive RTX 30XX chips, which are interesting not only for gamers, but also for miners” and a shortage in the market.

“Due to the pandemic, some production facilities are still not operating at maximum capacity, which provokes a shortage, and it is likely to last at least until June,” said Kirill Rodin, a representative of Yandex.Market.

According to him, the further situation depends on “the conjuncture of the cryptocurrency market and the extent to which manufacturers will be able to restore their capacity.”

Earlier, the media, citing interviewed experts, wrote that the growth of cryptocurrencies led to a shortage of video cards, which will last until mid-2021.

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