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Russians began to save more – PRIME, 12/25/2020

MOSCOW, Dec 25 – PRIME. The Russians this year continued to increase the average size of the deposit – since the beginning of the year it has grown to 190 from 172 thousand rubles, the head of the Deposit Insurance Agency, Yuri Isaev, said in an interview with RIA Novosti. Seven out of a hundred Russians want to take deposits from the bank. The pandemic led to the fact that not only incomes but also expenses decreased.And we see that depositors in a situation of uncertainty tend to save more than spend. The growth rate of deposits this year, of course, is lower than last , however, the average size of the deposit increased – from 172 to 190 thousand rubles, “he said. Isaev added that the DIA also observes the flow of a certain part of funds into investment instruments, but deposits remain the preferred way of saving funds for the majority of the population. “They are understandable, reliable and protected by the deposit insurance system. It is always easier to know that the accumulated funds will not disappear, and investment instruments require not only courage, but also professionalism. And while they are not insured, you can earn good money, but you can also lose decently, “- explained the head of the DIA. According to the Central Bank, Russians’ funds in banks in November increased by 0.7%, and since the beginning of the year – by 2.1%, and as of December 1, they amounted to 32.5 trillion rubles. Read the full text of the interview on the website of the economic information agency “Prime” (part of the media group “Russia Today”) at 12.00 Moscow time.

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