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Sberbank issued the first loan under the Far Eastern mortgage program

VLADIVOSTOK, 20 Jan – PRIME. A family from Vladivostok became the first recipient of a loan under the Far Eastern Mortgage program at 1%, according to the Primorsky branch of Sberbank. Trutnev noted the growth in housing prices with the launch of the Far Eastern mortgage program The program began to operate in December 2019. Families can take part in it if the age of both spouses does not exceed 35 years (inclusive), or citizens are not older than 35 years (inclusive), who are not married and have a child whose age does not exceed 19 years. “The first loan under the Far Eastern Mortgage program at 1% was issued to a family from Vladivostok at the Primorsky branch of Sberbank. Such a rate became available due to a 0.7 percentage point decrease in the rate on mortgage loans, as well as a discount when registering a transaction in electronic form,” Earlier it was reported that a soft loan is provided for the purchase of an apartment in a new building or the construction of a house in the Far Eastern Federal District, as well as for secondary housing from a legal entity or individual in the rural areas of the Far Eastern Federal District, Magadan Region and Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. The subsidized program is also available to the owners of the “Far Eastern hectare” for the construction of an individual residential building on it. The maximum loan term is 20 years and 2 months, the loan amount is up to 6 million rubles. Down payment – from 15% of the property value. “It is clear that in the first place among potential clients are the conditions that the bank can offer. That is why Far Eastern Mortgage is one of the most popular products in Sberbank’s lineup. And today, when the rate has been reduced to 1% per annum, subject to the registration of a mortgage using service “Electronic registration”, we can say that their own housing for residents of Primorye will become even more affordable “, – said the manager of the Primorsky branch of Sberbank, Sergei Radyushkin, whose words are quoted in the message. It is reported that it is possible to obtain a preferential mortgage until December 31, 2024, while the term for obtaining a loan in the secondary market in the territories of the Magadan Region and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug is until December 31, 2021.

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